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Although skin is the largest organ of the body, most of us associate the idea of “skincare” with the face. We use multiple products each day to keep our complexions looking fresh, radiant, and youthful for today and tomorrow. This is a wise investment – our faces are the first image we present to the world, after all – but it’s not the only area that needs attention. Find out how (and why) we should all be caring for the rest of our skin.


Highly prone to visible aging damage, the sensitive neck, chest, and backs of the hands can benefit from quality skincare as much as the face. The skin in these areas is comparably thin; in fact, it’s thinnest on the neck. Critically, these areas are nearly as exposed to UV light, pollution, and blue light as the face, yet they generally receive less protection.

The hands have some unique difficulties. Unlike the face, neck, and chest, this area has very few sebum glands to produce skin-conditioning oils. Combined with a weaker moisture barrier, lower natural acidity, and more day-to-day exposure to environmental and physical stressors,  this makes the hands particularly vulnerable to dehydration and infection.

The skin on less exposed areas of the body is generally thicker and more resilient. It has its own challenges, however. Lower sebum production makes it susceptible to dryness and roughness; slower cell turnover and wound healing means it less easily sheds old skin and is more prone to scarring. Finally, the body has a higher number of sweat glands, which naturally means these clothing-covered areas require frequent cleansing. 


The best body care regimen uses medical-grade products that are suitable for skin on the entire body — and pays a little extra attention to the more sensitive and exposed areas. 

Cleanse gently.

A high-quality body cleanser will wash away sweat, oil, and debris without damage. Ordinary cleansers often contain irritating fragrances and harsh, drying sulfates, so it’s important to use a gentle, pH-balanced, and unscented formula like Salicylic Face & Body Wash that will not strip the skin’s moisture barrier or protective acid mantle. 

Exfoliate regularly. 

Not only does exfoliation soften and smooth rough areas of dry, dead skin, but it allows replenishing and hydrating ingredients to penetrate more deeply. Save time in the shower by exfoliating and cleansing in one step with non-abrasive, non-irritating formulas like our Papaya Mint Body Scrub

Protect exposed skin.

Well-rounded environmental protection is a priority for hands, neck, and chest. Use Ultra Replenishing SPF 40 or another multi-protective sunscreen to block UV rays and shield against environmental assaults from blue light and pollution. For extra protection and renewal, layer the an antioxidant moisturizer (like our upcoming Restorative Body Conditioner) under the SPF and reapply before bed for nighttime defense.

Restore moisture.

Healthy, well-hydrated skin resists premature signs of aging. Counteract the dehydrating effects of pollution, indoor climate-controlled air, and drying outdoor weather with a daily fragrance-free body moisturizer that contains calming and fortifying actives. Ultra Firming Neck and Chest is excellent for quenching and toning tired skin on the upper body, while Restorative Body Conditioner works all over to revitalize and protect.

Tackle skin issues safely.

Disruptions like body acne, razor burn, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation must be treated carefully to avoid worsening skin irritation and inflammation. Use medical-grade acids optimally formulated with soothing ingredients, such as our Dual Action Toner Pads, to regularly clear pores and resurface skin in problem areas.


Our bodies belong to us for a lifetime, and they deserve to be carefully maintained and protected, both on the inside and the outside. It’s easy to incorporate body-focused skincare into your existing daily routine, and with medical-grade products, you can be certain that your skin will get the best possible care. 

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