Take a Look Inside Restorative Body Conditioner

Everyday environmental assaults take a noticeable toll on our skin. The damage isn’t limited to our faces alone, however; it can show up anywhere skin is exposed, causing irritation and premature aging signs on vulnerable areas like the hands, forearms, and décolleté, and even (in some shoe styles) the tops of your feet. So how do you keep it all protected?


Restorative Body Conditioner is one of the few next-generation skincare products specifically formulated to provide vital allover defense against blue light and airborne pollution. 

Intensely revitalizing, it combines technologically advanced multi-level moisture with powerful allover antioxidant protection to dramatically rejuvenate and soothe environmentally-exposed skin on the chest, neck, and extremities. 

The result? Calm, radiantly hydrated skin that feels plump, springy, and replenished.


This formula does more than shield skin from immediate assaults — it also lessens pre-existing signs of environmental stress (e.g. redness, dehydration, fine lines, age spots) while simultaneously fortifying skin against future damage. There are three key ingredients that work in synergy to accomplish this.

Red Algae – Quenches and revolumizes

Fights pollution-induced irritation, dehydration, and collagen loss by strengthening the skin's barrier as it delivers moisture from the surface down into the deepest living layers of skin.

Winter Cherry Extract – Defends and illuminates

Neutralizes free radicals to combat discoloration and other signs of photoaging caused by solar and digitally-emitted high energy visible (HEV) light, improving overall vitality and glow.

Blue Tansy Oil – Soothes and renews

Provides natural anti-inflammatory properties alongside a gentle, relaxing aromatherapeutic fragrance to holistically calm both body and mind. 


Non-greasy and fast-absorbing, Restorative Body Conditioner is an excellent solution for all skin types; however, it’s especially well suited for dry, reactive, and pre- or post-procedure skin. The formula pairs well with other environmentally protective products like HA+ Firming Boost and Ultra Replenishing SPF 40, which makes this body cream the perfect add-on suggestion for clients concerned about pollution and HEV exposure. 

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