Tips for Successful Cross-Selling with Skincare Kits

What do most customers have in common when they’re buying a skincare kit? The answer can be revealing. They’re looking for a completely brand-new product regimen to transform their skin — and they are ready and willing to invest money to make it happen. In other words, these individuals are perfect candidates for cross-selling.

Creating Higher-Value Transactions

Cross-selling is the simple sales technique of suggesting a product related to what your customer is already buying. Done thoughtfully, it increases the value of the sale — on both sides. The right add-on product will help your client get more out of their purchase, improving their level of loyalty and satisfaction, while you enjoy a revenue boost.  

The first key to successful cross-selling is identifying the right opportunities. Not all clients are interested in purchasing more items. If an individual is buying a skincare kit, however, you already know that they’re looking for a complete A-Z skincare solution. That means they’re likely to be extremely open to exploring additional products that could help them maximize their results. 

Popular Add-Ons for CosMedical Skincare Kits

Acne Control System with Oil-Free Moisturizer

Acne-prone skin isn’t exempt from dryness and sensitivity. For clients who need an extra dose of moisture, this ultra-sheer moisturizer provides weightless non-comedogenic hydration that layers beautifully with the Green Tea Antioxidant Serum in the Acne Control System. 

Skin Brightening System with Daily Replenishing Sunscreen

This regimen is specifically formulated to correct signs of sun damage, including dark spots and fine lines. Adding this sunscreen (which offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection) will help clients protect and enhance the improvements they achieve from the Skin Brightening System. 

Age Reverse System with Ultra Benefits® Eye Gel

Harnessing the superior brightening power of Chromabright plus advanced antioxidant Lipochroman, this targeted anti-aging eye formula perfectly complements the Ultra Benefits® facial moisturizer found in the Age Reverse System. 

Cross-Selling Best Practices

As with any sales techniques, cross-selling can have a negative effect if it’s used improperly, leaving your customers feeling frustrated or alienated. Here are some tips to make sure you get it right. 

  • Listen to the client. Pay attention to signals that tell you they may be interested in fulfilling additional needs. Look for organic openings in the conversation before making suggestions. 
  • Offer relevant items only. Tailor your recommendations for each client. The add-on item should genuinely enhance the original product and help the customer get better results. 
  • Keep it simple. Present only one or two options. Too many choices can feel overwhelming or off-putting to customers.
  • Stay sincere. Approach it as helpful advice, not a sales pitch.
  • Show them the value. Illustrate how the add-on item will help the client achieve their goals, then let the benefits speak for themselves.
  • Avoid sticker shock. Customers shy away from tacking on accessory products that feel overly expensive. A good rule of thumb is that add-ons should cost less than 25% of the original product’s price. 

Advantages Today... and Tomorrow

With the right strategies, skincare kits can be a uniquely high-leverage type of merchandise. Read our next article, Boosting Customer Retention with Skincare Kits, to discover the long-term benefits. 

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