Profitable Sales Tips For Autumn Retail

Profitable Sales Tips For Autumn Retail

As the weather cools and the days get shorter, fall is finally here. Skincare regimens are changing to account for the cooler, drier months — and we have some recommendations to update your retail space for the season, too.

Regimen Updates

During summer, we recommended lightweight, oil-free products to keep skin fresh. Fall is quite different. During fall, oil-containing moisturizers are more appropriate, and will do a better job keeping moisture in the skin. We also highly recommend two essential nutrients: vitamins A and C.

Vitamins A and C are both collagen promoting antioxidants, and each have a handful of benefits. They promote new skin growth at the deepest levels, and cause dead skin to be shed from the surface. This helps fight hyperpigmentation and visible signs of aging. Their antioxidant properties also prevent environmental and sun damage, and help heal damaged skin.

Both vitamins A and C will dramatically improve glow and skin vitality, especially around this time of year. We recommend suggesting products containing these actives during fall more than ever!

Setting Up Your Space

It’s always a good idea to set yourself up for success when designing your retail space, and you should occasionally update it to keep everything running smoothly. Here are a few tips to help you sell that you can use to turn over a leaf this fall:

  • Use displays wisely — use visuals to create an inviting display, and use props to captivate and entice people while they’re in the waiting room. These can include posters and flyers promoting your products; then, when they come in for treatment, they can ask questions and learn more.
  • Less is more — don’t overwhelm patients with a slew of product recommendations all at once. Instead, pick a few “hero” products and promote those. During the fall months, we especially recommend products containing vitamins A and C. Make sure to advise that patients adjust their skincare regimens as temperatures cool during the fall.
  • Educate — don’t just treat patients with products, but educate them about the products too. Highlight the benefits of specific active ingredients, like vitamin A, and let them see the results for themselves. They’ll be amazed and come back excited to try new formulas.
We wish you an enjoyable end of summer and start of fall! As always, if you ever have specific questions or want advice personalized to your business, contact your account executive — we’re here to help! You can read more of our sales tips here.
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