Tactics to Build Up Resilient Online Revenue Streams

Until a vaccine is available, measures to control the spread of the virus in the United States will likely be cyclical. That means we may eventually see the return of stay-at-home orders and intermittent restrictions for on-site business. Get ahead of this today by establishing robust online channels that you can rely on to bring in revenue independently.


This is the time to establish and fortify online revenue streams which require no face-to-face contact. By growing your online presence, you’ll have myriad ways to serve your clients and cultivate brand loyalty. These efforts will be worthwhile not only now, but in the future — you can leverage these valuable resources once this is all over.

Increase eCommerce Sales

Your online store allows you to keep the retail side of your business going, no matter what. Even when your doors open to inpatient services and on-site purchases, many clients (especially those in vulnerable populations) may choose to remain home after stay-at-home orders are lifted. 

  • Assess the quality of your website. Does its appearance and functionality reflect your professional standards? Make sure it’s appealing and easy for customers to use.
  • Attract current and potential clients to your online store. Drive traffic with welcome offers for first-time customers, web-exclusive product bundles, and special perks.
  • Generate repeat business. Integrate loyalty programs, discounts for customer referrals,  auto-replenishment or subscription orders, and periodic email reminders. Look for ways to connect online store purchases today to future visits when your facility opens.

Plan Interactive Virtual Events

Engage customers, patients, and social media followers with special live events — whether free or paid, all-access or invitation-only, they’re a profitable way to connect with your audience and build your brand. 

  • Share weekly skincare tutorials. Teach existing and potential customers how to use your products to achieve their skincare goals. Appeal to clients’ needs and desires with compelling topics, like “Brighter Skin in 7 Days”. 
  • Host virtual spa parties. Offer bundled product kits (like at-home facial kits) which include with purchase a private invitation to an exclusive spa event via video chat. Encourage a glass of wine, listen to great music, and make it an enjoyable break from day-to-day life. 
  • Organize live Q&A sessions. Give your followers the opportunity to learn from the experts. Feature special guests (e.g. dermatologists, doctors, aestheticians) to discuss different skincare themes and answer audience questions. 

Dramatically Boost Focus on Social Media 

Although social media doesn’t generate revenue on its own, it gives you an invaluable marketing platform with continuous access to current and potential customers. Use it to engage, educate, inform, and more.

  • Promote products and services. Keep your offerings in front of your audience. If you’re creating product demonstrations, include links to your online store. If you’re hosting virtual events, share the events calendar and follow up with recap posts.
  • Mix it up. Create new social media posts every day with valuable content your audience wants to see. Use giveaways, discounts, or rotating promotions to continue generating interest. 
  • Make your brand feel personal. Post occasional photos and videos of your family, not only business. Create bilateral engagement by inviting or incentivizing clients to share their own product photos or tutorials. 


Are you in an area that’s allowed business to reopen? Make sure your visitors are aware of your social media, online store, and virtual events. Consider distributing business cards, posting signage, or including flyers with retail pickups. To learn more about adapting your business for socially-distanced retail and services, don’t miss our last article: Pandemic-Proof Growth, Part 1


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