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Businesses throughout the US are in various stages of reopening, but with so much still up in the air, many of us are asking ourselves… what’s next? In this two-part series, we’ll highlight pandemic-proof strategies across multiple platforms to strengthen existing revenue streams, create resilient new ones, stay connected with clients, and serve your customers at home and in person. 


Monitor when (and how) your local executive orders are planning to allow establishments to open. Depending on your state and region, this will be done in several phases, each with their own constraints. Make the most of it — adapt your offerings so that you can do business at any stage. 


Curbside Pickup 

Many states are limiting early retail to pickup and delivery only; however, even in areas without these restrictions, curbside pickup offers a safer and socially-distanced way for customers to purchase their skincare products in person. 

  • Have clients call in their product order ahead of time. Request their phone number or vehicle’s make, model, and other details to speed up the transfer process. 
  • Minimize possible exposure. Ask clients to wear masks, or instruct them to pop their trunk as they enter the curbside retail area to avoid opening the car window if possible.
  • Don’t miss the enthusiasm of your clients by not having enough private label inventory. Place your orders with CosMedical a week in advance.

Drive-Through Skin Care Visits 

Products aren’t the only thing customers need right now. Check laws and regulations applicable to your location and industry — if you’re able, create a drive-through area to perform limited skincare assessments, consult with your clients, and answer questions.  

  • Be thorough about compliance. Check laws and regulations applicable to your individual location and industry to avoid exposing your business to any liability. 
  • Safety is key. Ensure your employees wear masks. Make sure the drive-through area is protected from other vehicles and away from any designated fire lanes.  
  • Offer this service at select times only. Consider daylight, traffic, staffing, and other relevant factors to determine the ideal windows of time. 

Keep Clients Connected and Up-to-date

Your customers are just as uncertain as you are. Stay in touch with guidance, information, and reassurance at every opportunity. Invite clients to reconnect and incentivize them to do business with you.

  • Announce availability of products and services through multiple channels. Use email and social media, post physical signs on the door, and include any instructions they need. 
  • Promote special limited-time offers and perks to drive business. 
  • Reward their loyalty. Try including a handwritten or signed note of thanks and encouragement with each curbside pickup order. 


Some states are lifting restrictions on aesthetic, dermatological, and spa services for the time being. If you’re preparing to open your facility doors to clients, there are key health and safety considerations to keep in mind. Learn more in our recent article, Tips to Reopen Your Business Safely and Smoothly.