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When we’re born, our skin is smooth and luminous. With age and sun exposure, however, we accumulate visible damage like texture, sun spots, marks and scars. Though it’s not possible to fully recapture the unblemished complexion of youth, these extraordinary skincare ingredients can offer dramatic improvement — and right now is the perfect time to start.


Best for brightening and correcting dark spots

This is the ultimate brightening ingredient to tackle any photodamage summer left behind on your skin. Not only does it offer antioxidant protection to prevent UV-related hyperpigmentation and collagen loss, Vitamin C actually breaks up any existing uneven pigmentation to help fade spots and discoloration.

We recommend:

VITAMIN A (Retinol)

Best for intensive multifunctional skin renewal 

Both brightening and exfoliating, retinol works on a cellular level to revitalize skin from within and address the full spectrum of premature aging damage. The result is a radiant, even complexion with noticeable improvement to wrinkles, skin firmness, and overall clarity. This powerful active is safe for most skin types, but it can be irritating to some, so use with care.

We recommend: Advanced Retinol


Best for targeting fine lines, uneven tone and texture

There’s no better way to get quick, visible renewal than AHAs. This class of chemical exfoliants resurface skin by dissolving the bonds between cells, shedding the dull, dry, and damaged upper layer of skin to leave a smoother, more youthful complexion. Over time, AHAs can help minimize other signs of aging, like collagen loss. 

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Best for softening, illuminating, and perfecting skin 

Fruit enzymes are the gentler cousin of AHAs. Ideal for daily use for all skin types, including sensitive skin, they offer a soothing antioxidant boost along with light exfoliation to polish and refine surface texture. Even better, they actually break down dead skin cells on the spot, so the results are visible immediately. 

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Best for minimizing large pores and acne marks

Similar in name and function to AHAs, BHAs provide a unique benefit for oilier skin — they’re lipid soluble. This allows them to cut through skin’s natural oils and penetrate deeper to exfoliate within the pores. Salicylic acid, the most widely-used BHA, also provides anti-inflammatory benefits, making it doubly beneficial for oily/acneic skin types.

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Best for smoothing rough, flaky texture

These non-chemical exfoliants rely on tiny skin-buffing particles to manually lift away dead skin, which makes them perfect for correcting textural irregularities; however, this can be tough on thinner or more sensitive skin, so be gentle on the face. Skin on the body (like your arms, legs, and back) is responds beautifully to manual exfoliation. Best of all, you can see and feel the smoothness right away.

We recommend: ResurFACE Crème

When building an exfoliating and brightening regimen, it’s important to understand how each class of ingredients works in order to choose the right solutions for your clients skin type, aesthetic goals, and unique concerns. Explore our primer blogs, Brightening 101 and Exfoliation 101, or contact your CosMedical account executive to learn more.