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We’re right on the cusp of retail’s busiest (and most profitable) time of year — is your business ready? This year’s holiday shopping traffic is projected to peak in early December, which means there’s still time to prepare for your most successful holiday season yet. Below are some helpful consumer survey insights and tips to drive sales. 

People are shopping for gifts — and for themselves.

The average shopper will spend roughly one-quarter (26%) of their total holiday budget on non-gift items for themselves or their household. About a third (34%) is planned for gift purchases. 

Half of shoppers aren’t sure what to buy yet.

People are often undecided when they start shopping — 20% of these customers are completely open to inspiration. The other 30% are uncertain, but have a general category in mind. 

Browsing in-store is a popular source of inspiration. 

When figuring out what to get, 52% of consumers are planning to use brick-and-mortar stores to explore gift ideas and make purchasing decisions. This is a great opportunity, because… 

Skincare is a popular buy during the holidays. 

Beauty products will be one of the top 10 items purchased during the holiday season, with 35% of shoppers buying for gifts and 21% buying for themselves. 


These statistics show that there are many customers ready and willing to buy your skincare products during the holiday season. Because your business is not a traditional big box store, however, clients generally aren’t coming to you for the express purpose of holiday shopping. That means it’s essential to get their attention quickly and capture sales on the spot. 

Inspire them with visual merchandising. 

Make your products pop on clients’ “holiday shopping radar” with a well-designed visual display that brings to mind the holiday season. (Discover our key tips for merchandising displays.)

Curate your featured products thoughtfully. 

Based on your knowledge of your customers and their needs, what products will be top sellers this season? Try gift sets, like our Holiday Glow Kit, or grouping related products together. Smaller impulse purchase items often make great stocking stuffers. 

Highlight attractive discounts. 

Promotions are a major influence on buying behavior year-round, and 81% of consumers are expecting incentives this holiday season. The most popular? Price discounts — 74% reported that coupons and sales are most influential, compared to BOGO (39%), free gifts (21%), and loyalty points (15%). 

Utilize your E-commerce store. 

57% of shoppers are likely to “look in-store, buy online”. If a customer seems interested, but decides to leave without making a purchase, be sure to share your eCommerce store with them — they may choose to buy later. Capture more sales by offering free shipping, which is preferred by 85% of shoppers (compared to 15% for fast shipping). 


During the gift-giving season, people have on essential problem in mind: where should they spend their money? All they need is to be presented with an appealing solution. Use these tips to convert your everyday clients into holiday customers.


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