How to Give Your Merchandising Display a New Look for the New Year

Out with the old, in with the new. We’ve officially turned the page into 2019, and your clients are looking for something different.

Over the holidays, they were focused on family, friends, and community; now, they’re focusing on themselves — breaking bad habits, starting better ones, and making 2019 count. This is a time for new beginnings. Make sure you’re driving revenue with a fresh product display designed to sell this season.

The most powerful displays tell a story. Yours should answer the question that every person is asking themselves: “How can I improve myself this year?


Guide customers to your display and keep them engaged by designing around a focal point. For maximum impact, consider:

  • Signage - Draw the eye with attractive imagery and bold, clear fonts. Speak to customers’ emotions with a simple, yet compelling message that connects to their goals for the new year.
  • Color - Use a background, small props, or other design details (even confetti!) to introduce compelling pops of color. For the new year, select hues that evoke a sense of freshness, inspiration, and energy.
  • Lighting - Create atmosphere with thoughtful lighting composition. Arrange primary lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting to highlight your products.
  • Visual Balance - Asymmetrical displays are more aesthetically appealing. Play with angles, heights, groupings, and sizes to create dynamic feeling and pull attention toward your focal point.


Attracting customers to your merchandising display is essential, but that’s only part of the equation. To make sales, it’s key to choose products that create an emotional response for your customers, including:

  • Targeted Solutions - Tap into clients’ new year’s resolutions with products designed to make big changes, like acne solutions, dark spot correctors, wrinkle-reversing products, and other powerful skincare treatments.
  • New Arrivals - The new year is about new initiatives, and right now, people are more open to trying something different. Get clients excited and introduce something they haven’t seen before by featuring brand-new products in your display.
  • Regimen Kits - A complete regimen is an easy way to jump-start your clients’ skin transformations. Our kits have all the products they need to get impressive results — and they’re less expensive than a gym membership.

For more assistance with creating the perfect product display for the new year, consult with your designated Account Representative at 800-275-3627.

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