Dyes, Colorants, Fragrances and Preservatives

Does CosMedical use dyes, artificial coloring, or artificial fragrances in your products and are all preservatives either essential oil, plant derived, or safe FDA approved ingredients?

Although our products are filled with many beneficial botanical ingredients we often enhance the safety and aesthetic value of our products by using FDA approved ingredients in concentrations within approved limits for safety and efficacy.

For instance, Phenoxyethanol is often used as a preservative in many of our products to increase their shelf life so that our customers can be assured of a 2 year shelf life which most botanical preservatives cannot guarantee. Fragrances are often used to mask the odor of some of the extraordinarily beneficial botanicals which do not always have a pleasant smell. For instance, algae marine peptides has a fishy kind of unpleasant odor. Coloring is sometimes added for aesthetic beauty such as the blue in our Soothing Skin Relief Gel. All of the ingredients in our products are listed on the labels and on our website. Any time that a color is added you will see it near the bottom of the ingredient list which indicates a very, very low concentration of that ingredient. If a fragrance is added you will also see it listed as “fragrance” near the bottom of the ingredient list. Please reference our website for the current list of ingredients found in each of our products for which you are interested or concerned