This ingredient specifically lessens the appearance of "dynamic facial expression lines". These lines are the crow's feet, frown lines, lip lines, and horizontal forehead lines.  Argireline has become quite popular in recent years because it helps to reduce the appearance of furrows and facials lines that are treatable with injectable Botox.
Even injectable Botox is not always 100% curative of dyanamic lines; studies with the 10% Argireline show that there may be up to a 50% reduction in the appearance of certain dynamic lines.
Use neuropeptide products on areas where Botox cannot be injected, usually around the eyes (closer to the eyes than the so-called crow’s feet), lips and neck. In conjunction with Botox , they can also be very effective. Many younger women who certainly should not yet dream of doing Botox Cosmetic injections, are using topical neuropeptides with good results.