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private label skincare for doctorsMore adults are struggling with acne, according to a survey of 94 doctors and dermatologists. In fact, dermatologists report a 214% increase in the number of patients with acne breakouts. Of these patients, one in three are over 35. What is behind this outbreak? Healthcare professionals reveal that stress is the leading cause, followed closely by poor nutrition and "growing levels of pollution," according to The Daily Mail. Here are a few ways adults can keep embarrassing breakouts under wraps:

Start With Diet And Exercise
Just about everyone (85%) will struggle with acne and blemishes at some point in his or her life. And most acne will be visible, with people getting spots on their foreheads, chin, or nose. Fighting back against these breakouts starts with adopting a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy a diet rich in fruits and veggies (packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants) and some dairy, such as yogurt, for probiotics. Exercising regularly will help you wind down and relax, which can be very beneficial for your complexion and your skin.

Need A Quick Fix?
Unfortunately, we don't always have that kind of time. While it is a good thing to keep in mind for the future, some patients may need effective acne treatments ASAP -- before a big and/or important event, like a wedding, family reunion, or job interview. And that's where private label skin care comes in. Private label skin care manufacturers produce private label skincare for doctors only. High end private label cosmetics or professional skin care products are often prescribed by healthcare professionals. They contain special ingredients, and they work faster and better than medications or topical treatments available over-the-counter.

Adults over 35 are reporting more stubborn and persistent acne symptoms, and acne in general is on the rise (likely to affect more than the 40 to 50 million Americans it does now). Mitigating symptoms can be as simple as eating right and using private label skincare for doctors.