Novel, Non-sensitizing Skin Brightening Regimen Features Strongest Antioxidant on Market

CosMedical Technologies’ Age Reverse System, launched Winter 2015, is an effective and affordable 3 step full-sized boxed regimen that takes an advanced and gentle approach to skin aging issues including hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. The regimen includes Ultra Benefits®, Cosmedical’s #1 selling moisturizer. Ultra Benefits® combines firming peptides with Lipochroman®, the strongest antioxidant on the market* and Chromabright® a photoprotective tyrosinase inhibitor. Also featured in the kit are Chamomile Facial Cleanser, a sulfate-free hydrating botanical cleanser and C-Stem®, CosMedical’s top selling anti-aging serum with lilac stem cells, deeply penetrating Vitamin C and two marine extracts that act as DNA modulators.

Results from the Age Reverse System

Results from the Age Reverse System and Advanced Retinol

62 y.o. Fitzpatrick Type 3 subject. Note improvement in pigment, fine lines, and texture with no redness or peeling. Subject used Age Reverse System BID for 10 weeks and added on CosMedical Technologies’ Advanced Retinol QHS for 4 weeks.
Loretta Ciraldo, MD, FAAD, our founder and Chief Innovation Officer explains:
"I believe 4% hydroquinone is generally safe when used short term.  But almost all patients stay on it long term and this can lead to a number of problems including photosensitivity, contact dermatitis and a unique dyschromia we see with long term hydroquinone use. Recognizing that hyperpigmentation is caused by a multiplicity of factors that necessitate long term use of fade ingredients, we developed Ultra Benefits® as a go-to product that can be use pre- and post-procedure and that is good for almost all but the most sensitive skin.  Ultra Benefits® combines Lipochroman® (which is 11 times stronger than any other antioxidant on the market*) with Chromabright®, which has similar mechanism of action to hydroquinone but is photoprotective against UVA as well as HEV.  HEV is High Energy Visible light, the spectrum next to UVA, which we realize comprises so much of the sun’s radiation and is even emitted by computer screens and cell phones.  The Age Reverse System represents an overall rejuvenating regimen that is well tolerated and effective for long term use in most patients, including sensitive skinned and rosacea patients, and post-procedure."
Dr. Ciraldo has been in practice since 1982. She is a recipient of the Physician Communicator of the Year Award from the Florida Medical Association, Voluntary Professor of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Former President of the Dade County Medical Association, as well as the Miami Dermatology Society. Dr. Ciraldo founded CosMedical Technologies® Private Label Skin Care in 1993.
The response to the new Age Reverse System has been overwhelmingly positive. One example, Dr. Anthony Lombardi recently introduced the Age Reverse System at his thriving practice in New Jersey and said that "Age Reverse System is a great all-inclusive regimen for post-procedure, as well as most sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. Our patients actually love our system and the results they're seeing!"
*T-Bar assay. Lipochroman is 11 times stronger than Idebenone, the second strongest antioxidant. 
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