Why Your Patients Should Commit to a Skincare Regimen


The average customer that walks into your practice isn’t getting the most out of their skincare — and they don’t realize it.

Why? They aren’t using a complete product regimen.

Whether they find the idea of a multi-step routine to be intimidating, don’t understand the purpose of certain products, or simply hadn’t thought to try, most of these clients have simply never seen what a well-designed regimen can do.


As an expert provider, you have the opportunity to help your customers achieve the noticeable results they want by introducing a quality product system. CosMedical Technologies’ high-performance skincare kits are the perfect way to get them started, because they’re:

  • Complete. Each kit is a total solution to take care of all essential skincare needs.
  • Accessible. All the products they need are together in one box with clear directions.
  • Easy to follow. Simply cleanse, treat, and moisturize in 3-4 simple steps.
  • Synergistic. Products are designed to work together and amplify one another for maximum benefits.
  • Effective. Customers will get more powerful results, faster.
  • Budget-friendly. Product sets are less expensive than buying products individually.
  • Tailored. Every kit precisely targets a specific set of skin concerns.

Learn more about our kits.



When you start a new patient on an at-home skincare regimen, for best results use CosMedical products exclusively. We have three regimens presented in boxed kits.  These are: Age Reverse System, Skin Brightening System, and Acne Control System. Learn more about our kits.



Designed and developed by a board-certified dermatologist, clinical testing proves that CosMedical Technologies’ medical-grade skincare kits offer impressive visible improvement within 8-12 weeks. The efficacy and reproducibility of results is unparalleled in the industry. See our clinical studies.

These powerful results come from the ingredients we use — and the ingredients we don’t.

According to an AAD symposium, 60% of facial skin issues dermatologists see in their offices are actually caused by poorly-formulated skincare products with irritating ingredients. That’s why our clinical-strength formulas are carefully designed to be totally free of known irritants or problematic chemicals. Zero sulfates, parabens, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, phthalates, propylene glycol, and more. Just cutting-edge dermatological actives and medically-proven natural extracts that truly transform your skin for the better. Find out more about our ingredients.


Explore CosMedical Technologies’ skincare kits today:

Age Reverse System

Skin Brightening System

Acne Control System

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