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Why Clinical Studies Matter

In the years before clinical studies, there were numerous cases of dangerous chemicals and materials being used in cosmetics. Lead, mercury and arsenic are just a few of the experimental materials that have been widely used in skincare and beauty products prior to the safety standards in place today. Customers used products without ever knowing that they could be severely damaging their skin and their health. Now, the industry has set rules to ensure that products like Cosmedical’s white label skin care formulas are safe, effective and ethical. The implementation of clinical studies has changed the face of cosmetics over the years to create a better, safer environment for buyers, sellers, and manufacturers.

But what do studies done by white label skin care providers do for sellers and their clients?


As a skincare professional, the safety of your clients is the top priority you have when you select products to recommend to them. This is especially important with private label skincare items that you are marketing and selling in your place of business. Responsible providers like CosMedical Technologies emphasize the importance of this safety by performing clinical trials on all new products that provide clear and honest results on potential side effects, risks, and reactions to different skin types and skin sensitivities before putting anything on the market.

This data allows the provider to develop instructions for safe use and warnings to help guide both the skin care professional and the user to understand how to properly apply the treatment and get the best results. CosMedical Technologies is dedicated to being open and transparent about the results of white label skincare clinical studies we perform to ensure that skincare professionals feel confident in endorsing our products. By making these studies available on our website, we hope to show potential buyers that our formulas are developed with their clients’ well-being in mind.

Substantiated Claims

Clients want proof that a product does exactly what it says on the label. Before a product goes on the market, it is essential that white label skincare providers like CosMedical Technologies test their formulas and prove that it does exactly what they say it does. This not only protects the manufacturer and their clients from potential lawsuits, but it also protects product users from being scammed by less ethical companies. This is why CosMedical invests in clinical studies, like the one done with our C-Stem anti-aging serum, to find hard evidence that our products work. Before any of our new treatments hit the shop, we test our items thoroughly so that you can feel secure and confident while selling our product under your own personalized label.


The purpose of developing new skincare products is to find ways to create treatments for people whose skin care needs are not yet being met or improve upon previous formulas to get better results. The promise of healthier, better quality skin is what matters most to clients when they try a new product and the results are what keeps them coming back. With white label skin care formulas, giving proof of these results through clinical studies is the perfect way to show that these medical grade products are the best choice for clients that want treatments that can give them their dream complexion.

Proving the efficacy of a product through these studies makes a product credible to professionals like you as well as clients and the companies that oversee the sales of skincare items. That’s why CosMedical Technologies performs in-depth trials that illustrate results over weeks of use with written documentation and photos to show clients the real benefits of our products. We want our clients to see the amazing things our private label skincare treatments can do for their customers.

CosMedical Technologies takes every step to scientifically prove all of our products are safe for use, effective and successful at getting great results for the people that need them most. By performing these necessary actions, we hope to continue to secure its place as one of the top rated white label skin care providers by dermatologists in the country. Our website provides information about our clinical studies and their findings as well as educational and instructional material for you and your customers to see. To find out more about CosMedical Technologies and our successful line of skincare products, contact us by phone or through our website.

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