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If somebody were to ask about the #1 cause of wrinkles, how would you answer?

If you’re thinking “UV exposure”, you’re not alone; however, data shows that sun damage isn’t necessarily the biggest culprit. After all, New York ranks as the most wrinkled state in the entire USA, while sunny Florida only clocks in at #32 on the list. New York certainly isn’t known for increased UV exposure... so what’s going on?

Dermatologists blame the state’s distinctly high levels of free radical-producing pollution.


Skin, like all living organs, is made up of three types of molecules: oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. When any of the three are altered with a “free” electron via pollutants outdoors (smog, exhaust fumes, construction, factory sites) or indoors (cooking, paint, carpets, dust mites), they turn into destructive free radicals.

Highly unstable, these negatively-charged molecules act like a magnet, attaching to and harming molecules in their path. They bond to vital components of the skin, including DNA and proteins like collagen and elastin, causing malfunction and breakdown that contributes in large part to wrinkles, age spots, and other skin aging.



Originally developed for medical use only, Lipochroman® ranks as one of the very strongest antioxidants* — in fact, it’s the one and only synthetic ingredient proven to protect skin from all three types of free radicals (oxygen, nitrogen and carbon) that contribute to skin aging.

*on T-bar assay


Lipochroman® is found at active levels in many CosMedical Technologies products, including:



  • VitaSoothe (combined with skin-identical lipids) in the Skin Brightening System



  • Ultra Benefits (combined with Chromabright® for UV/HEV photoprotection and dark spot correction, plus marine peptides for skin firming) in the Age Reverse System
  • Multi-Complex Night Creme (combined with Retinoic Ester and CoQ10)


Eye Treatment

  • Ultra Benefits Eye Gel (combined with Chromabright® for lightening dark circles and UV/HEV protection, plus hydrating and skin-tightening peptides for smoother contour and lessening of crow’s feet)


Lip Treatment

  • Lip Benefits (combined with Vitamin B and firming peptides)

Coming soon in 2019: all-new SPF 40 featuring Lipochroman®!