Top 3 Tips to Surpass Holiday Sales Targets

Top 3 Tips to Surpass Holiday Sales Targets

As you prepare your business for the holidays ahead, carefully planning your sales strategies will help you maximize your revenue while continuing to deliver your patients with great skincare. Implement these top three tips that we’ve learned over our 30 years in business to achieve greater success and excel through a strong Q4.


Top Three Strategies to Drive More Sales

1. Sell Regimens and Bundles, Over Individual Products

Increase order sizes with our skincare systems, including our Age Reverse System, Skin Brightening System, Post Procedure System, and Acne Control System. These three- and four-product kits are specifically designed to help patients reach their skin goals while you sell through more products – a win-win.

Boost sales even further with The Glow Essentials, a limited-edition kit that contains everything patients need to quickly achieve a radiant glow and sustain skin health through the winter. Order it soon so you don’t miss out!

Take bundles a step further by promoting these kits as gift ideas, perfect for introducing targeted and effective regimens to new users.

2. Cross-Sell with Complementary Products

Cross-selling involves suggesting products that complement the customer's main purchase. For example, if a customer is buying a moisturizer, suggest a matching cleanser or a hydrating serum that enhances the moisturizer's effects.

Make these recommendations based on the customer's skin type and concerns to ensure a seamless skincare routine.


3. Leverage Gift-Giving Opportunities with a Special Offer

Holiday shoppers are often looking for gifts for their loved ones. Offer a Black Friday special, a BOGO sale, a promotion in the first week of December or offer additional products that can be included as gift sets.

Tie it with a bow and include gift wrapping services to make gifting easier this season.


Gift with Purchase

Stay tuned for next week’s blog where we will highlight best practices of Gift with Purchase.

In the meantime, make a plan to implement these three strategies now. Reach out to your Practice Development Specialist for feedback and personalized solutions.

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