Tips for Selling the Age Reverse System Starter Kit

As you learned in our last article, the Age Reverse System Starter Kit is the perfect introduction to your skincare line: a low-risk, easy-to-use regimen with powerful results for your customers. With the right sales approach, this product can be a consistent bestseller. 


Target the Right Clients

The most receptive individuals will often be… 

  • New to your skincare brand and/or medical-grade skincare in general
  • Struggling with visible signs of premature skin aging
  • Unsatisfied with other anti-aging products they’ve tried 
  • Looking for a complete product solution they can trust
  • Curious about the Age Reverse System, but unsure about investing in the full-sized regimen


Key Selling Points

No matter how good a product is, a sale doesn’t happen unless you can show your customer the value and alleviate any concerns or objections. Keep these 5 talking points in mind while discussing the Age Reverse System Starter Kit with clients. 

  1. It tackles a lot of concerns at once. Designed to improve fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, sagging, redness, and loss of radiance.
  2. Simple steps, proven results. It’s designed to be rock-solid — if they follow the easy 3-step system, they will get the improvements they’re looking for. 
  3. It’s the perfect trial size. By the time the client runs out of product, they’ll already have started seeing visible changes to their skin. 
  4. Drugstore products just don’t compare. Medical-grade skincare products are higher-quality, more concentrated, faster-acting, and better formulated for noticeable results. 
  5. Other people love it. Social proof is valuable. The Age Reverse System (in both sizes) is one of the most popular picks because it truly is as effective as it sounds. 

More Resources

Looking for new ways to maximize your revenue with the Age Reverse System Starter Kit? We’d love to help! Visit our online Resource Center or contact your account representative for assistance with sales training, retail displays, promotional materials, and more.


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