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As an aesthetician or dermatologist, your clients trust you with the health and overall condition of their skin. Oftentimes, you are in a unique position to see areas where your clients can improve the texture, tone, and elasticity of their skin, including those vital secondary layers. Although good skin often comes from the inside out, making skin care recommendations to improve the outward appearance falls directly in line with your business model. Often, a private label skin care line, or even a couple of key products, can make a difference to your client's health and confidence. It also helps you, as a small business owner, grow your personal brand.

Choosing a private label

A private label skin care regimen is one in which you select from a reputable cosmetic company's offerings for products that uniquely suit your customers. An aesthetician, for example, might look for ways to soothe inflammation and soften the affected skin. A dermatologist, on the other hand, might choose products that are suited to treat different skin conditions. A spa owner might have interest in at-home pampering – offering these in conjunction with scheduled services. When you have your own label, you're consistently building your brand.

Benefits of a private label skin care

With these products, you've taken the guesswork out of skin care. Instead of creating a formula from scratch, which takes time, money, and extra space, you can reap the benefits of an established lab's heavy lifting. In fact, you'll be able to focus more on marketing, knowing that the product itself is already viable. This is critical to building your small business brand, as you can put your own name and logo on a high-quality product. Finally, the private lines have already been tested rigorously and approved by the FDA – something that a small spa owner or dermatology practice probably doesn't have the resources for.

Your investment in private label skin care

When you choose private label skin care, you can often purchase it cheaper than creating your own. This is because the manufacturer has already created the product in larger batches, allowing each customer to buy as much as they need, as they need it. You'll be able to order according to your needs, purchasing in bulk at a discount, and avoiding the expense of carrying big-name labels. You can even pass along your savings to your clients, providing them a great at-home product and boosting their confidence in your expertise.

How can CosMedical technologies help you?

CosMedical Technologies has a rich background in skin care and leading-edge health technologies. Founded by a board-certified dermatologist, these products are designed with the needs of a busy physician and spa owner in mind. With health at the forefront of every formula, CosMedical products help you improve your services to clients.

Each product is clinically developed and produced for general consumption. Your clients will be able to purchase exclusively from you, thereby gaining you repeat business. These products aren't sold in stores – they're unique to your practice.

Choosing to provide your own line of skin care products lends authority to your recommendations and adds an air of expertise to your establishment. Each formula is an ingenious combination of medical grade, concentrated actives that ensure product efficacy. You can be confident in recommending your own line of products in combinations that suit each of your patients and clients.