The Perfect Skin Care Routine: Take Care of Your Face

skin care routine

The truth is that there is no one skin care routine that is perfect for everyone and will magically make acne and wrinkles disappear. Indeed, it is actually essential that your skin care routine be as unique as you are, because the state of your skin is yours and yours alone.

Establishing the right routine is half the battle -- and making sure to adjust as you go is important, too. For teens, 40% of whom have acne or acne-scarring, the concentration might be on finding a good acne pad and scrub. Whereas, it is more important for some ladies to look for eye creams with antioxidants, retinol, and peptides, which can prevent and improve sagging skin.

Check out this list of skin products and categories from which you can pick and choose to create the ideal skin care routine for your needs.

Cleanser One thing's for sure -- rinsing with water is not enough to clean your face. Choosing a water-soluble cleanser that washes away dirt and makeup can literally set the stage for your other products.

Look for a toner with skin-replenishing ingredients. A good toner will help reduce redness and dryness.

Those with super sensitive skin might want to skip this step, but a good exfoliant can do wonders where acne is concerned. It will remove your built up dead skin cells, breaking down abnormally think skin. If you have had a lot of sun exposure, this could be a good way to break some of that damage down.

Acne Treatment
For serious acne cases, serious treatment is required. Acne is the most common skin disorder in the U.S. and affects 40 to 50 million Americans. Make sure your products have benzoyl peroxide to achieve clear skin.

Anti-aging/ Anti-wrinkle Cream
If you're noticing little crows feet and smile lines, and you are not happy about it, it's time to start an essential moisturizing step that will shield you from sun damage and fill in some of those wrinkles.

Depending on skin type, occupation, beauty goals, and your home's climate, you'll want to play with different combinations to make sure you find the skin care routine that is just right for you. Natural skin products and private label skin care tend to have different ingredients -- so make sure to read the bottle before you buy!

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