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No skincare regimen is complete without sun protection. In fact, for clients buying a medical-grade skincare system in order to visibly transform their skin, a daily SPF product is a critical last step if they wish to see the very best possible results. Here’s why sunscreen makes the perfect add-on purchase for each of our three regimen kits. 


Age Reverse System is specifically formulated to correct and prevent visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, redness, and uneven skin. To attain and preserve the most youthful-looking skin, however, one must protect against the leading cause of premature aging: UVA exposure. Sunscreen prevents new skin damage that causes lines, sagging, inflammation, and redness.

Product Tip: To enhance firming and rejuvenation, Ultra Replenishing SPF 40 contains… 

  • Rice Peptides to support youthful collagen and elastin in the skin, visibly minimizing premature lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. 
  • Antioxidant Lipochroman® with unparalleled coverage against all 3 classes of free radicals to improve the appearance of skin aging. 


Skin Brightening System is specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of age spots while restoring skin brightness and radiance. Although it is highly effective at correcting signs of photodamage, the results will not last long if skin is not properly shielded from the sun — UV radiation can counteract the regimen’s brightening effects by creating new discoloration and dark spots.

Product Tip: To further boost radiance and evenness, Ultra Replenishing SPF 40 contains… 

  • Winter Cherry extract to shield against skin discoloration and other signs of photoaging caused by high energy visible (HEV) light, improving overall vitality and luminosity.
  • Galangal Root, which is naturally UV-protective, to brighten skin tone and soothe surface redness.


Acne Control System is specifically formulated to clear acne and prevent new breakouts while fading acne marks, reducing redness, and evening skin tone over time. As with the Skin Brightening System, SPF helps enhance and maintain the correction of discoloration; additionally, it will help prevent the formation of new post-blemish acne marks, minimize inflamed skin, and protect from AHA-induced sun sensitivity. 

Product Tip: To complement oily, acne-prone skin, Ultra Replenishing SPF 40 contains… 

  • Galangal Root with pore-purifying and redness-calming properties to lessen the appearance of acne breakouts. 
  • Zero artificial fragrance or irritating ingredients and is safe to use for acneic, sensitive, and rosacea-prone skin.


Using a medical-grade broad spectrum SPF product offers countless benefits, so whether your clients are pairing it with a skincare system or not, this sunscreen is an excellent recommendation to make all year long. Learn more about Ultra Replenishing SPF 40.

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