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As a skincare brand and provider, you already have the knowledge to understand the incredible benefits of the Holiday Glow Kit… but will your clients know? Here are nine easy talking points that will get your customers intrigued and excited to buy. 

1 |  Premature aging is caused by more than UV rays. 

Recent science shows that skin needs year-round protection (indoors and out) from three types of environmental damage: ultraviolet light, screen-emitted blue light, and pollution.

2 |  Keeping your skin protected can make a big difference. 

Light and pollutants have been proven to accelerate the aging process in unprotected skin, causing…

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Loss of radiance
  • Sagging 
  • Redness
  • Uneven skin tone 
  • Dry, rough texture
  • Eye bags and dark circles

3 |  Ordinary skincare doesn’t do enough. 

The average drugstore product contains very few antioxidants — usually at ineffective levels —  and does little-to-nothing to shield skin from environmental damage, which means your skin is constantly exposed. 

4 |  Luckily, the Holiday Glow Kit is no ordinary skincare set. 

All four dermatologist-developed products provide medical-grade coverage against aging damage caused by UVA, UVB, blue light, and toxic pollutants.

5 |  The kit addresses important skin areas that people usually miss. 

Your lips and eye area are more wrinkle-prone than anywhere else — yet many people don’t think to use specialized eye cream or lip protection. 

6 |  It works with any anti-aging moisturizer to complete your routine. 

The four-piece kit offers 3 essential layers of protection: allover serum, targeted eye/lip treatments, and sunscreen shield.

7 |  It’s an amazing gift for anybody — newbies and skincare experts alike. 

Perfect for all ages and skin types… and unlike any product kit you (or your loved one) has ever  seen before.

8 |  It’s never too late to start. 

Concentrated actives in the Holiday Glow Kit immediately get to work preventing and visibly reversing the appearance of environmental damage, giving you radiant, beautiful skin at any age. 

9 |  If you buy the Holiday Glow Kit now… this time next year, your skin could look years younger.

Want to learn more about the Holiday Glow Kit? 

Explore what’s inside this limited-edition gift set in last week’s article, Give the Gift of Radiance with CosMedical’s Holiday Glow Kit, or reach out to your dedicated account executive to discover more. 

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