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In the past couple of years, the medical knowledge surrounding sunscreen has grown exponentially. Not only does sunscreen protect the skin from harmful UV rays that can cause burning and skin cancer, but it can proactively prevent aging and blotchiness. The UV blockers in physical and chemical sunscreens decrease the formation of melanin, allowing blotchy skin to naturally become even over time. Any exfoliating spa treatment or skincare that actively sloughs off the top layer of skin cells will benefit with the regular application of sunscreen.

Boosting Your Business With Private Label Sunscreen

For an esthetician or spa owner, private label products can be a part of a well thought out strategy. We work closely with individuals from this industry to ensure that the sunscreen and its packaging is connected to their vision; whether it is a signature skin care products to sell to their devoted clients, or using a particular form of packaging with a message that is consistent with the spa's branding. A private label provides the opportunity to extend an estheticians' outreach, all while improving the relationship that they have with your clients.

Backed by our professional team, our products support your commitment to providing excellent private-label sunscreen. We offer private-label sunscreens for professional use that can be packaged in customized samples and travel sizes. Whether your client is looking for a sunscreen that is agreeable to their sensitive skin or is looking for something with enhanced pH, our private label sunscreens and products will deliver.