The Benefits of Medical Facials

The Benefits of Medical Facials

Facials aren’t just a spa treat for those in need of a relaxation day. Dermatological patients are coming to understand the benefits of making facials a regular part of their on-going skin care treatments. The current climate of beauty blogs and videos is bringing the importance of skincare to the attention of a bigger audience of people than ever before. By working alongside a medical professional, patients can get a facial specialized to their specific skincare needs while avoiding products that might agitate skin sensitivities or allergies. It is important for your patients to know the advantages that come from scheduling regular medical facials through you.

Advantages of Medical Facials & Treatments

Medical facials have the advantage of being customized to suit your patient’s skin type, tone, texture, and condition. If a patient commits to a regular schedule of medical facials, treatments for conditions like acne and rosacea can be administered by their dermatologist or aesthetician regularly over time and be adjusted by their dermatologist if any changes arise. By offering medical facials, you’re able to help your patients improve the quality of their skin firsthand and see the real time results of CosMedical’s products through your own observations. Together, you and your patient can build an on-going relationship that can optimize your patient’s skincare routine and get them the soft, smooth skin they want to achieve.

Choosing CosMedical Technologies | Skincare Products

CosMedical has professional medical-grade products for every step of the facial process. Products like the Chamomile Cleanser can be used during the initial cleansing process of a medical facial to clean normal to sensitive skin types and leaves skin feeling soothed and hydrated. A product like the Salicylic Face and Body Wash, on the other hand, is specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin and can be used to treat the skin while providing that same clean, refreshed feeling that comes with the cleansing stage of a facial. CosMedical’s cleansing products utilize detoxifying oils and ingredients to enrich the skin with important vitamins and minerals that improve complexion and smooth out the skin.

Exfoliators and moisturizers supplied through CosMedical’s dermatologically-formulated product line can deep clean pores and rehydrate skin while treating specific skin conditions, adding to a medical facial’s customizability. By using Ultra Benefits™ antioxidant moisturizer, you can help your patients reverse visible aging or you can utilize Vita-C to even skin tone and brighten a patient’s complexion while reducing the presence of imperfections. As a skin care professional, you can assess a patient’s needs and choose from a variety of anti-aging, anti-acne, complexion correcting and lifting skin care products. These specially designed treatments give patients fast results that accumulate over time as they continue to receive ongoing medical facial treatments.

CosMedical Products for my Patients

You can discuss the frequency of treatments with your patients and determine a schedule that works best for them based on CosMedical's suggested treatment schedule. CosMedical provides video tutorials and case studies that you can share with your patients to give them an in-depth look at the fantastic results that they can get through the use of CosMedical products during their facial treatments.

Patients trust their dermatologists to use the best medical-grade products during facial treatments. By choosing CosMedical, dermatologists are picking expertly formulated products created by industry leaders in the field of skin care. CosMedical, is a leading skincare provider that has stayed ahead of trends in private label dermatologist-formulated skin care for over two decades. We strive to continue the legacy of creating top-quality medical grade products for dermatologists and aestheticians. With CosMedical, you can develop high-quality facial treatments and even carry a supply of private label products from CosMedical to sell to patients for at-home care.

To learn how you can start carrying CosMedical’s top-rated private label skin care products. call 800-275-3627. CosMedical’s Skincare Specialists are ready to work closely with you in selecting the best products for your practice’s patients. Create a personalized skincare line for your business through CosMedical and help your patients to experience the benefits of using dermatologist-formulated products for their regular medical facial treatments!

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