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The industry’s knowledge about the effects of UV rays on the skin has grown exponentially in the last ten years. Researchers are uncovering more and more evidence of the damaging and aging effects of ongoing exposure to UV rays. The skincare industry now knows that just one day out on the beach without anti-aging sunscreen can lead to skin damage. Educating clients about the importance of protecting their skin is becoming more important by the day. As higher levels of UV rays breach through the atmosphere every year, the necessity for proper skin care and protection while exposed to the sun is growing.

Despite the ongoing campaigns by researchers and medical institutions, many of your clients probably still don’t see how important protecting their skin from sun exposure is. A sunburn is an injury in the process of being repaired. The redness caused by a sunburn is blood being directed to the damaged area as the body attempts to heal itself. The aftermath of a sunburn can vary depending on the severity of the burn and the damage from the burn never truly goes away. Even the every sought-after summer tan your clients might want is the result of skin cells being damaged by UV rays. It’s not uncommon for chronic tanners to find themselves suffering from aging effects caused by sun exposure much earlier in life than they’d like.

The risk of skin cancer heightens when the skin is left to burn in the sun. Even your clients that are prone to tanning rather than burning will put themselves at risk if they expose themselves to the sun without proper UV protection. There are three different forms of skin cancer that are caused by sun exposure. Melanoma, basal cell, and squamous cell skin cancer are all caused when skin gets damaged by the sun and become cancerous. Sensitive areas like the neck and ears tend to be more prone to getting sunburn and can be hotspots for damage and cancerous cells to mutate. Providing skin care products that protect these spots for clients is the best way to keep them safe from these dangerous diseases.

Why CosMedical Technologies is Best for You

CosMedical Technologies has developed anti-aging sunscreens that protect the skin from sun damage and moisturize to keep skin smooth and radiant throughout the day. Daily use of medical grade sunscreens like CosMedical’s Daily Replenishing broad spectrum SPF 30+ moisturizer can reduce aging effects and prevent wrinkles caused by UVA and UVB rays. This professionally formulated moisturizer won’t make clients’ skin oily or slippery and works well under makeup primers and light foundation. This daily moisturizer is chemical-free and safe for even the most sensitive skin types. It’s perfect for all clients you have to use year round.

CosMedical’s Replenishing Sunscreen provides protection through the power of zinc oxide while reducing redness and rosacea. Just like the Daily Replenishing Moisturizer, this anti-aging sunscreen helps your clients combat free radicals while hydrating their skin daily with the help of aloe vera. They can get two full hours of protection with this medical-grade product and add protection to their daily care routine.

CosMedical Technologies is a veteran in the field of formulating high-quality skin care products that protect and repair all in one. Whether you’re buying or selling Cosmedical, it’s summer and everybody needs sunscreen. Find the right product for you or your clients with CosMedical’s skin safe sunscreen this summer!