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Blog — February 2016

Hyaluronic Acid is Key to Healthy Hydrated Skin and C-Stem Helps Naturally Produce It

woman smiling touching skin
Dermatologists are well-aware of the benefits hyaluronic acid has in the human body, but to the everyday person, it probably sounds as safe as battery acid. As part of their "Beauty Glossary" series, the Huffington Post recently ran a piece breaking down the questionable sounding ingredient that graces the packaging of many skin care brands.

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3 Reasons Our Skin Loves Antioxidants

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Of all of the organs in our bodies, our skin is the largest organ of them all. Consequently, skin is susceptible to an onslaught of toxins, free radicals, and harmful SPF rays. All of these things can effectively damage skin cells, resulting in potential health problems and a faster rate of aging. In fact, everyday air pollution can contribute to premature aging and sagging, and can increase pigment and age spots by as much as 20%.

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