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Skin Care Products Recommended by Dermatologists

Your patients look to you as their expert source for choosing skincare products. When establishing an effective routine, skin care products recommended by dermatologists are first on a patient’s grocery list. They know that you have the education and the resources to find them the most effective, affordable and efficient skin care treatments on the market. As a company established by a board-certified dermatologist, CosMedical Technologies works to create products that will not only be your patients’ favorites but yours as well. By developing medical grade formulas, we want dermatologists to be confident in recommending our products to their customers.

Clinical Studies and Research

CosMedical Technologies makes it simple for dermatologists to put their most trusted private skin care label products in front of clients. Our top formulas, like Ultra Benefits®, have been carefully developed for everyday use based on extensive research and clinical trials. Just as patients want to see results, dermatologists want to see data and studies that prove a product is worth associating with their name. Before offering any new product, CosMedical test for qualitative and visible results. It’s essential that the products offered have fast and effective results that will make clients come back with outcome satisfaction and healthier skin.


The active ingredients in a product are essential to how effective the product will be. In order to make our products skin care products recommended by dermatologists everywhere, we keep up on the latest research in the world of dermatology and include the best active ingredients available to provide clients with products that deliver without damaging the skin or causing discomfort. Products like our Vita Soothe protective replenishing serum uses top of the line ingredients like Lipochroman®, an anti-pollution ingredient that is also the strongest antioxidant on the market, to give patients with aging skin the fresh, smooth complexion they desire.

Multipurpose Use

As a skin care professional, you know your clients want extra bang for their buck with the medical-grade products they buy. Getting results that go beyond what it says on the label gives the product more value and purpose. At CosMedical Technologies, our dermatologists develop skin care products that can cover multiple skin care needs in one application. Items like our Replenishing Sunscreen, for example, not only protect the skin from being damaged by the sun’s UV rays, but it also hydrates and firms the skin to reduce the presence of wrinkles. By working to improve and protect skin quality, everyday treatments like these gives you more reasons to recommend CosMedical Technologies products to customers that want quick and efficient skin care routines.

CosMedical Technologies: Brand Recommended by Dermatologists

CosMedical Technologies works with skin care professionals to create revenue streams with top quality products formulated by the experts. By utilizing the skill and knowledge of our team of board-certified dermatologists, we continue to be the top company in private label skin care products recommended by dermatologists. To learn more about why CosMedical Technologies private label skin care line is bound to become your favorite set of products to offer to your clients, contact us today and learn how to start creating your private line of products.

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