Prep for the Holidays: Evoke Emotion with Visual Merchandising

Prep for the Holidays: Evoke Emotion with Visual Merchandising

Around the holidays, we all sometimes feel a bit more emotional. Whether it’s from the stress of holiday preparations or from the joy of the season, all your customers are simply feeling more this time of year.

Fortunately, this is a great opportunity to both take advantage of the happy, bustling festivities and to help the tense customers feel reassured and content while they shop – all through their emotional responses.


1. Store layout can make customer feel at ease – or not.

The layout of a store is critical to eliciting the most ideal emotional response from your customers. Finding the perfect setup comes down to what your customer needs from you.


The Racetrack Layout

The racetrack layout gives a one-way route through the store, which causes customers to view every product. However, it can also frustrate shoppers looking to get in and out with a particular item in mind.


The Free Form Layout

The free form layout appears more random, with small clusters of products spread throughout the space. While your customers might not hit every product in your store, they feel less rushed and more willing to browse with this relaxed and friendly layout.


2. Physical engagement with products creates an emotional connection.

Customers tend to buy what they see, but even more so, they tend to buy what they form an emotional attachment to. Often, this bond occurs when they are able to tangibly feel the products.


Point of Purchase Display

The point of purchase display is the ideal way to reach your customers’ emotional sides. Not only are they preparing to make a purchase anyway, but the readily available products at eye level perfectly play to their desire to hold and even try out products that they may want to purchase.


3. Bright lighting may hurry your customers along, for better or for worse.

From clean, bright lighting to soft, warm lighting, the way your store is lit will impact the way your customer feels as they shop. A blend of bright lights and soft lights may be optimal.


Bright Lighting

This type of lighting can promote positivity and impulse purchases, but this isn’t a flawless option. Customers may be more stimulated in the bright light and move more quickly through the store, missing potential sale products. However, bright lights highlighting certain products may draw customers in.


Soft Lighting

Soft lighting will slow the pace of your customers through your store. Although they may not be as inclined to make purchases, the increase in time spent will increase those odds. Soft lighting as the main source of light will help keep customers at ease.


4. Roses are red, and so is excitement…

Color has a powerful effect on your customers’ perceptions of your products and your store. From warm reds and yellows to cool blues and greens, the choice of color can certainly influence their buying decisions.


Warm Colors

Reds, oranges, and yellows stimulate customers and give off a friendly, vibrant atmosphere. In addition, warm colors can be used to attract your customers’ attention to certain products or areas of the store.


Cool Colors

Greens and blues give your customers a sense of tranquility. There is less urgency when surrounded by cool colors, so your customers can feel more relaxed as they browse your store.

If you have the option to change up your atmosphere to resonate with your customers’ emotions most effectively, it can only play to your advantage. Whether you modify the store colors, lighting, or layout, reimagine it with these tips in mind!

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