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When you get right down to it, many ingredients in skincare have surprising origins. Some of the most advanced are extracted from unexpected sources, such as snail mucus, nerve-tingling phytochemicals, extremophilic ocean bacteria, and even bee venom. 

In honor of Halloween, we’re exploring two of our skin-renewing face masks — and the slightly creepy-sounding, yet powerful microorganisms that make them work: Bacteria and fungi. 


O2 Lift Mask


with Vitacell® botanical yeast complex

While this single-celled fungus is commonly associated with bread-making and breweries, yeast offers tremendous benefits to the skin. 

Applied topically, yeast extract helps regenerate, repair, and energize essential cell functions thanks to its nutrient-dense profile of antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Its high skin compatibility makes it extremely suitable for calming and conditioning even the most irritation-prone skin types.

Starring in our O2 Lift Mask, Vitacell® yeast complex oxygenates cells and stimulates cellular renewal, pairing with moisture-binding glycerin to visibly lift and plump tired skin. Perfect for mature/hormonal skin, post procedure, and air travel, this formula revitalizes dehydration-prone areas like the hands and face, leaving the skin soft and vibrant. 


Pumpkin Mask


with Lactobacillus/pumpkin fruit ferment extract

Not all bacteria are infectious. Lactobacillus lactis, which is related to the naturally-occurring lactic acid bacteria in the human body, is a particularly good and useful strain that plays a critical role in the production of skin-loving pumpkin enzymes. 

First, the lactobacillus is used to ferment the pumpkin. This helps break down complex nutritious biochemicals in the fruit, turning them into smaller-sized molecules that allow nutrients to penetrate into the skin more easily. Then the ferment is filtered, extracting protein enzymes which gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Combined with papaya enzymes, kaolin clay, and salicylic acid in our Pumpkin Clarifying Mask, this lactobacillus-fermented pumpkin extract helps detoxify pores and fight the appearance of blemishes, dullness, and wrinkles for smoother, clearer-looking skin. 


It can be hard to choose just one. Both the masks deliver a fundamental skincare benefit that everyone needs, and each is universally suitable for a range of skin types. We suggest tailoring your recommendation to your client’s current goals and skin condition, rather than type. 

The Pumpkin Clarifying Mask is helpful as a detoxifying treatment for individuals with a lot of pore buildup, skin congestion, blackheads, or excess oil. It can also offer a gentler exfoliating solution for those whose sensitive skin does not tolerate glycolic acid and other more aggressive AHAs. 

For clients struggling with dehydrated, depleted, or reactive skin, the O2 Lift Mask is ideal. It will support and replenish the skin by infusing a much-needed boost of moisture and oxygen to the stressed-out cells. 

No matter which you recommend, you can’t go wrong — both of these highly advanced medical-grade masks are worthy of a place on any client’s shelf.