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The beginning of 2021 means a fresh start for all of us, and this doesn’t only mean hitting the gym or starting that new diet. While self care is a trendy term these days, when it comes to your skin, self care is the perfect way to jump into the new year. Fortunately, this goal can easily become your customers’ reality with the Age Reverse System with Lip Benefits®.

The Age Reverse System features three superstar products, including the Chamomile Facial Cleanser, C-Stem®, and Ultra Benefits®. These high performance skin care products are bundled together to create the ultimate soothing, anti-aging solution for your customers. With the added bonus of the refreshing protection offered by Lip Benefits®, your customers can start the new year off with fresh and healthy skin. 


 Chamomile Facial Cleanser First in the lineup is the Chamomile Facial Cleanser. This gentle product works perfectly for sensitive skin, including for pre- and post-procedure use. Algae peptides provide much needed moisturization for this time of year, and the cleansing wheat amino acids offer mild cleansing without the tightness, dryness, or irritation that can come with other cleansing products.
Next up is C-Stem®, the supercharged anti-aging serum. Multifunctional lilac stem cells can reduce inflammation, pore size, and pigmentation - not to mention their ability to combat free radicals! C-Stem® also boasts 3% Vitamin C in the form of tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, which is eight times more powerful at boosting collagen production than the typical L-ascorbic acid form.
Ultra Benefits Last in the Age Reverse System, but certainly not the least, is Ultra Benefits®. This lightweight, luxurious cream utilizes the power of Lipchroman®, a highly potent antioxidant that can scavenge harmful oxygen, carbon and nitrogen free radicals. In turn, this robust ingredient rejuvenates skin by improving skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and decreasing pigmentation.
Lip Benefits When added to the Age Reverse System, Lip Benefits® rounds off a fully integrated line of products to help defy aging. Lip Benefits® also features Lipochroman® along with Chromabright®, which is a skin brightening compound that provides protection against ultraviolet and high energy visible light.  


All in all, with this combination of products, your customers can feel and look revitalized heading into the new year. Such a dynamic and effective line of skin care products has never been so simple to get into your customers’ hands. In addition, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this bundle of skin care products can make the perfect gift or special treat. For more information on how to get this collection on your shelves,
reach out to us today! 

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