Mother’s Day: Prepare Now with Our New Kits!

Mother’s Day: Prepare Now with Our New Kits!

As we transition into Spring, we enjoy longer daylight hours, delight in budding flowers and trees, and savor the ever-improving weather. Along with these simple pleasures, Spring also gives us a special day to celebrate all the mothers in our lives. Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 9th this year, and this day is quickly approaching. Fortunately, CosMedical Technologies has the perfect product set to fulfill your customers’ Mother’s Day gifting needs: our Mother’s Day Kit. However, now is the time to get prepared, as Mother’s Day is a top-selling holiday and self-care is at an all-time high as a result of the pandemic.

The Mother’s Day Kit offered by CosMedical Technologies has everything a mother needs to pamper her skin.


The first product in the kit is the Gentle Gel Cleanser, which features soothing chamomile and cleansing wheat amino acids to gently remove oil and debris from the face and neck. Next is the Concentrated Anti-Aging Serum. This product boosts collagen production with a super-absorbable form of Vitamin C and fights free radicals with the power of lilac stem cells. To round off the kit is the Rejuvenating Body Cream, which utilizes the intense hydration of carrageenan along with the digital-pollution-fighting strength of the winter cherry extract to nourish and protect the skin.

With the perfect product set available to suit your customers’ needs, now is the time to prepare for the pending holiday. The purchase and processing of your order will take time, along with shipping the kits to your location. Factor in time to set up your in-person and online displays, and you are left with just enough time to properly promote the Mother’s Day Kit to your customers. Thus, the opportunity to purchase the kits and fit everything in before Mother’s Day is only going to last so long, so acting quickly is critical.

Aside from the easy sales that these exclusive Mother’s Day Kits will surely bring, another reason to get started right away is that Mother’s Day is one of the highest-grossing holidays of the year for the skin care industry. This is not one you want to miss the mark on. Historically, skin care sales have shown a sharp rise in May, and this is a direct result of Mother’s Day. Therefore, you can set your brand up for success this Spring by preparing now for this important holiday. 

Finally, this particular Mother’s Day could be more successful than usual when it comes to sales. The pandemic has seen many people struggling with the effects of isolation and the lack of typical enjoyable activities. As a result, people are turning to self-care as a healthy tactic to ease the burdens they feel. This Mother’s Day Kit you can offer to your customers might be exactly what they are looking for to satisfy the self-care needs that they or their loved ones have. You can help your customers by fulfilling this need, while helping your sales in the process.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and CosMedical Technologies is here to support you and your customers with our brand-new Mother’s Day Kit. Featuring a cleanser, a serum, and a body cream, this kit is sure to thrill your customers. However, don’t wait too long to act, as now is the time to start preparing for this top-selling, self-care holiday. Reach out to your Account Executive today for more information.

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