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Oily and acneic skin types face unique challenges when it comes to moisturizing. Many formulas will overwhelm already greasy skin or clog acne-prone pores. Regardless, it’s important not to skip this step. Hydration is essential, no matter your skin type, and moisturizers can impart many other benefits to the skin — nourishment, calming, antioxidant protection, and more. Discover our tips to help oily, acne-prone clients find the right routine. 


This skin type has plenty of natural oils to keep it supple and conditioned. When it lacks water, however, the dehydrated skin can overcompensate by overproducing sebum. The result is often overly-greasy skin that still appears dull and dry. What oily skin needs are hydration-focused, oil-free products that absorb quickly without creating any shine. We recommend:

Oil-Free Moisturizer

Featherweight mattifying moisturizer keeps skin nourished (and shine-free) with quenching hyaluronic acid, retinyl palmitate, and vitamin E. Ultra-sheer and non-comedogenic formula hydrates oily, acne-prone skin without clogging pores. 

HA+ Firming Boost

Hydrating and firming serum offers instant 24-hour moisture and 360° antioxidant protection from visible signs of aging. Calms redness, smooths, tones, and weightlessly maximizes skin hydration. 

Additional tips:

  • Control oil without damaging the moisture barrier using a sulfate-free BHA cleanser like Salicylic Acid Face and Body Wash.
  • Steer clear of overly-rich, oil-based skincare and cosmetics products. 


When normal-oily acneic skin becomes dehydrated, it tends to become even more congested, oily, and inflamed, which typically worsens breakouts. This skin type has similar needs to non-acneic oily skin — lightweight hydration that won’t clog pores — and will benefit from the addition of acne-fighting BHA exfoliants and inflammation-fighting antioxidants. We recommend:

Clarifying Moisturizer

Medicated acne-fighting moisturizer absorbs quickly and lightly hydrates the skin, leaving it matte and supple. Salicylic acid exfoliates, vitamin C brightens, and green tea extract calms, helping to improve the look of post-acne pigmentation, redness, and texture.

Green Tea Antioxidant Serum

Antioxidant mattifying serum with hyaluronic acid and 5% green tea extract. Minimizes redness, calms breakouts, and evens out skin tone. Excellent as a makeup primer for oily and acneic skin. 

Additional tips:

  • A sulfate-free BHA cleanser, like Salicylic Acid Face and Body Wash, can deep-clean pores AM and PM — without stripping essential moisture. 
  • Layering salicylic acid products can dry the skin. If your usual acne spot treatment is irritating, switch to a low-BHA formula like our sulfur-based Overnight Spot Treatment.


Dry skin types can be prone to breakouts, too. The combination can be tricky — many treatments for dry skin can aggravate acne and vice versa. These individuals need a balance of hydrating humectants with non-comedogenic emollients and lipids. We recommend:

Multi Complex Night Crème

Lavish PM moisturizer to rejuvenate and repair skin overnight. Glycerin plumps skin with hydration, shea butter replenishes without clogging pores, retinoid minimizes pore size, and antioxidants Lipochroman® and CoQ10 fortify skin’s defenses. 

Lipid Drops

Acne-safe replenishing serum that delivers instant and sustained moisture for smooth, plump, glowing skin. Made with bioidentical glycolipids and phospholipids, which play a critical role in skin’s protective barrier. 

Additional tips:

  • Gentle exfoliation with minimally-drying AHAs, like glycolic acid, can help prevent dead skin from clogging pores and will allow moisturizing ingredients to penetrate better. Try our Glycolic Gel & Pads.
  • Instead of a BHA cleanser, which can irritate overly dry skin, tackle breakouts with a BHA spot treatment (like our Acne Spot Treatment) to target blemishes with pinpoint precision. 


Be sure you know how to spot dehydration in oily and acne-prone skin. This condition can affect all skin types, and though it may sound counterintuitive, oily and acneic types may initially present as combination-dry — unless you know what to look for. Visit our last blog, Moisturizing Tips for Dry and Dehydrated Skin, to learn more.