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As the global Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, many businesses across the world are discovering new ways to survive and thrive. There is one core factor all successful cases have in common: They’re confronting setbacks with a proactive, positive mentality that’s enabled them to innovate and adapt. Below are our tips to help your business do the same.

Reach out directly to clients and patients.

Sense of connection is all-important in times of crisis. With so much time spent at home, many people are craving human contact and seeking ways to spend time with their community remotely. 

Take time to strengthen those bonds by reaching out personally and checking in on them. During this period of isolation, most individuals would appreciate a sincere phone call or email — and once life returns to normal, they won’t forget how you made them feel.  

Engage people through your brand’s online platforms. 

With so much more time on their hands, people in quarantine are turning to the internet as a major source of activity and stimulation. Audiences will be more receptive than ever before. This provides your business with an extraordinary chance to create engagement on a large scale via email and social media. 

Leverage that opportunity and get your brand in front of them — be part of the conversation, offer value to your followers, and build relationships with your community. The results of your efforts will continue to pay off long after this crisis is over. 

Find new ways to serve your market. 

Your doors may be closed, but your clients’ needs haven’t disappeared. Consider how to pivot your business and deliver unique value through alternative channels. In what ways have customers’ circumstances changed? What are their new pain points? How can you address them? Think about offering remote services through phone or video, like skincare consultations, or producing content your audience might find valuable such as online tutorials or classes. 

However you choose to approach it, adapting your business offerings can help you maintain a robust revenue stream in today’s unusual market; moreover, it’s likely to improve customer loyalty and unearth useful market insights that will benefit you in the future. 

Reposition your product offerings. 

The retail side of your business may be more important than ever. Though they can’t visit in-store, consumers are still buying goods through online channels, so it’s a good time to focus on skincare product sales. Reflect on the ways your customers’ lifestyle changes might influence their buying decisions and use that to guide your strategy.

Our recommended picks include:

  • Glycolic Gel & Pads to provide an at-home alternative to in-office rejuvenating peel services. 
  • Advanced Wri-Lax® formulated as a medical-grade replacement for patients unable to keep up with their usual injectable fillers or botulinum toxin treatments.
  • O2 Lift Mask for individuals who can now pamper their skin in ways they typically didn’t have time for in their normally-busy lives.
  • HA+ Firming Boost to protect from accelerated HEV-related photoaging caused by increased screen exposure during home isolation.
  • Age Reverse System Starter Kit as an easy, affordable introduction for customers seeking to try out a new skincare regimen during this time.

Adapt and Come Out Stronger. 

Stay positive and use this time to make your brand shine – not only through your products, but through your outstanding customer care, proactive online presence, and sincere person-to-person connections.

To learn more about keeping your business strong during the Coronavirus outbreak, watch Dr. Ciraldo’s latest inspiring webinar, visit our Resource Center, or reach out to your account executive for support.