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Every area of your practice costs you money, so it's important to make every area of your practice a potential money maker. Visual merchandising is a popular retail concept that works to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a product or set of products. Attracting customers and increasing sales, follow a few tips to display your private label skin care products in the most appealing and cost-effective way possible.

Adjust Signage

Signs or visual cues guide a customer through a practice and directly to a product display. Whether directional, promotional or informational, signage should focus on helping each customer find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently. Considering the average human attention span is about eight seconds, signs should be visually appealing and eye-catching. Follow a few guidelines to ensure your practice's signage is as effective as possible.

  • Choose graphics, iconography, and imagery that adds personality to your practice's look and draws customers in. Signs should serve information to customers while being aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  • Signage should be easily understood with a quick glance. Use bold, clear and large imagery and font when possible.
  • Once signage is set up, recruit some friends or family members to test out signage and locate a product display using only the information on signs. This will help with signage placement

Colors and Lighting

Color can play a significant role in luring a would-be customer over to a product display. It has the power to evoke emotions and influence the way a product is perceived. Lighting also shapes the overall atmosphere of a practice and the area around a practice display. Lighting can draw attention to a product display. Follow a few tips to create the most advantageous color and lighting surrounding your product display.

  • Use a subtle backdrop to make the actual products stand out.
  • Work with primary lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting to create the most appealing lighting composition.
  • Use accent lighting sparsely to avoid drowning the appearance of products.

Product Grouping

Group your products in a way that attracts a customer's attention. A customer should be intrigued by a product display, imagining all the ways a product can be used and the benefits a product might offer. Group items based on a color scheme or some other visually appealing organization pattern. Your aim should be to tie all products in a display together and to make them stand out as a group.

Create a Hierarchy

If all of your products are placed at a uniform height they may fade together. Create visual contrast by playing with height and angles. Capture a customer's interest and boost engagement with your products by acknowledging the advantages of visually appealing organizational patterns.

  • Situate your product display at a 90-degree angle. This makes it easier for a customer to interact with the products on a display.
  • Create a focal point product and organize all supporting products below it.

Set your private label skin care up for success by paying attention to display opportunities. Create signage that clearly leads customers to a display. Use colors and lighting to create atmosphere. Use organizational techniques to angle and distribute products in a visually appealing way. Working to attract and intrigue as many customers as possible, visual merchandising techniques are the best way to ensure the success of your private label skin care. Find out more about private label skin care opportunities via CosMedical Technologies.