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What do shower caps and pillow cases have to do with home remedies for the skin? I have the answer for you; it’s exactly the type of secret I like to share with my patients.

Wear it and wear it well

Adult acne has become a big problem that is commonly suffered among my dermatology patients. My favorite weapon for keeping the skin clear is a simple shower cap. The truth is many of us wash our hair every day and as we do that, we are essentially drying it out more. When we dry out our hair, the hair products we then apply are staying in our hair to a much greater degree. Although conditioners are nice for moisturizing the hair, most of them are comedogenic. So, instead of seeing break outs in the T-zone, we’re starting to see them in the peripheral areas of the face, which is typically caused by overuse of hair products.

The tip I give is to not wash your hair every day. Simply put on a shower cap, so that you can limit your hair washing to once or twice a week. After 4-6 weeks, you’ll be able to see a tremendous difference in not just your skin, but your hair too. Since you are no longer washing out all of the hair’s natural oils, your hair becomes much healthier, needing less products to moisturize and style it, while your skin clears up nicely as well.

Forever Younger Looking Eyes

There are 2 big beauty tips that I usually suggest to my patients. The first of which is: no salt. Salt leads to the retaining of water. Avoiding salty foods and salty snacks, after 5pm, helps to reduce the amount of water retained overnight. Refraining from consuming salt in the evening greatly helps you to avoid accumulating fluid under the eye area when you lay down at night. The next super important factor is what you put your face into at night. Essentially, your pillow case. Remember, the skin under your eyes is much thinner than in other areas. When you lay down on your pillow, you rub your under eye skin into your pillow case. To avoid irritation and damage, it is very important that your pillow case is made of nice cotton with at least a 400 thread count, and that you wash it at least every 3 days in a “free & clear” formula laundry detergent. I usually suggest using “ALL” to remove dust mites and excess fragrances.

Another great alternative to Egyptian cotton is silk. Silk is great not only for those wishing to preserve their hair, but it is also gentler on the skin. It’s proven that the skin absorbs the most nutrients overnight, so as we apply our night crèmes, resting our head on a standard cotton pillow case will usually soak up our moisturizers, while a silk pillowcase allows the product to soak into the skin, instead of the pillowcase.