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Skincare has come a long way since old-fashioned cold creams. As the science has become more advanced, so have the product formulas, and today’s medical-grade moisturizers can — and should — do much more than simply hydrate your skin.


When selecting a moisturizer, the two major criteria to consider are the client’s skin type and the specific benefits needed.

For sensitive, rosacea-prone, or post-procedure skin, it’s ideal to recommend a moisturizer with soothing and firming ingredients. Avoid acidic ingredients, which can be irritating to the skin, as well as fade ingredients that increase photosensitivity.

When treating normal-combination skin, resolving more advanced aging changes, or seeking faster visible improvement, it’s best to recommend a moisturizer that contains retinol, Vitamin C, or an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid).

Other possible considerations can include:

  • Lifestyle factors (AM/PM routine)
  • Environmental factors (season or climate)
  • Client preference (lightweight vs. creamy product texture)


CosMedical’s moisturizers are formulated with advanced medical-grade actives to reduce visible signs of skin aging and achieve impressive improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, dullness, age spots, and rough texture.

Created by a board-certified dermatologist and clinically tested to ensure maximum benefits with minimal irritation, the following is a selection of our own best selling moisturizers.


Excellent for all skin types (including rosacea-prone, sensitive, and post-procedure), this lightly textured cream has three main benefits:

  • Helps to improve lines and age spots using Lipochroman®, the most powerful synthetic antioxidant on the market
  • Protects skin from UV-induced damage caused by excessive exposure to sunlight and the harmful light from digital devices, including phones and computer screens
  • Visibly plumps skin appearance with firming marine peptides


Multi-Complex Night Crème

This nourishing PM moisturizer uses potent antioxidant Lipochroman® (found in UltraBenefits, see above), which works to protect and repair skin overnight, while CoQ10 and retinoic ester (a non-irritating form of retinol/Vitamin A) help to lessen pore appearance, even skin tone, and visibly brighten.

AHA Marine Moisture Crème

For clients that prefer a heavier, richer consistency, this high-potency moisturizer contains concentrated glycolic acid to visibly lessen wrinkles, as well as skin-firming marine peptides to improve texture and luminosity.

Vita-C 20

A more aggressive anti-aging moisturizer, this intensive brightening cream has a sumptuous velvety texture due to its unique water-free formula, which keeps its Vitamin C-rich ingredients stable. The main actives include 20% L-ascorbic aid and orange essential oil to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.