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How comfortable do you feel recommending products for customers to buy? If the answer is “not very”, you’re not alone. Fear of sounding pushy or “sales-ey” is one of the most common challenges we hear from health and beauty providers. In this month’s blog series, you’ll discover our top tips to take the pressure off and start selling more confidently.


The first step in making a sale — broaching the subject — is often the most difficult hurdle. It can feel out of place, as though you’re trying to force something unwelcome into the conversation. But are you really?

Clients are putting their skin in your care — and that doesn’t end when they walk out the door. Consider the 80-20 rule: When it comes to maintaining skin quality, it’s estimated that roughly 80% is a result of the individual’s daily skincare routine. Professional treatments account for 20% at most. When you look at it that way, you’ve got a professional obligation to consider the client’s at-home product regimen. 

That 80% matters. You know your skincare solutions are excellent. You know what a difference they can make. Be confident bringing up your products, because ultimately, you’re offering something the client already wants (and pays you for): professional resources to help them achieve the very best skin possible. 


That said, finding a way to work the topic into the discussion isn’t always easy. Overcome this by setting up opportunities to introduce your skincare products organically — or even have the customer come to you first. 

  1. Let displays do some of the work for you. 

Visual merchandising isn’t just about decorating your space. It’s the first encounter most people will have with your products. A good display will often get the sales process started all on its own, with no sales-ey opener required.

On average, clients will spend 5-10 minutes in your waiting area, which is an ample window of time to spark a conversation. When you see them browsing, use the opening to ask questions and spark a conversation.

TIP: Draw their attention with appealing aesthetics, use engaging signage to capture their interest, and offer an interactive experience (like testers) that invites exploration.

  1. Leverage back bar skincare.

Incorporating your own branded product line into their treatment is an effortless conversation-starter. Clients will be exposed to the products again; even better, they’ll get to experience them in a one-on-one professional setting, creating great opportunities for you and your staff to get them interested and talking about your product collection. 

TIP: Explain what product you’re using, why you chose it for them specifically, and how it’s uniquely beneficial. 

  1. Chat with your clients. 

The power of a casual chat is not to be underestimated. In sales, it’s essential to build rapport with customers and take a sincere interest in what they have to say. Not only does it create an outstanding customer experience, it will naturally uncover valuable nuggets of information about where and how the individual might benefit from your products. 

Don’t miss these moments; whether they’re telling you about a lifestyle change, an upcoming vacation, or a new cosmetic purchase, there’s often a hidden skincare need that you can help solve. 

TIP: This is where product knowledge comes in. Know the benefits like the back of your hand, and take some time to think about each product from a customer point of view.


The first hurdle is over — you’ve found a comfortable way to open a potential sale. Now what? In next week’s Part 2 of this series, you’ll learn how to dive in with our best no-pressure strategies that will leave everybody happy.