Choosing Private Label Over Custom

Choosing Private Label Over Custom

Private label products, commonly referred to as “white label,” are products that have been manufactured by one company and labeled and sold under another company’s brand. The first company generally develops, tests and manufactures the private label product, and then the product is labeled with the second company’s logo and sold to their customers. There are many advantages to pursuing private label products for your own company over obtaining custom formulations, including speed to market and less required testing, if anyCosmedic at all. CosMedical Technologies offers premium private label solutions that are medical-grade, dermatologist-formulated, and work together as a curated line.

While custom formulations do have their place in the cosmetics industry, for busy dermatologist offices, med spas and other skin care professionals, they are not the best choice. Instead, private label products can be an excellent solution. These products are market-ready, meaning they have been carefully developed and have undergone the appropriate safety and stability testing. All that is left to do for the brand is to add their label and begin marketing to their customers. 

CosMedical Technologies private label solutions are all medical-grade and high quality. The thoughtfully selected ingredients are effective at prescription-only levels, which means many of these products cannot be replaced with something over-the-counter at the pharmacy. This is ideal for skin care professionals looking to provide potent options for the skin care needs of their customers.

The private label products offered by CosMedical Technologies have all been formulated directly by a dermatologist. As a result, these products all serve very precise purposes in skin care and are designed to produce the high quality results expected of products branded by a skin care professional. This provides the brand with greater credibility by being able to offer highly effective skin care products to their patients.

Finally, the private label products at CosMedical Technologies have been developed to function as a unit. Specially curated to work together, the various available lines serve as cleansers, exfoliators, treatments, and moisturizers. When used in conjunction, these products result in a full-service skin care routine for the brand’s customers.

To conclude, private label products are superior to custom formulations for busy skin care professional brands due to their convenient speed to market and little to no required testing. Additionally, the products available from CosMedical Technologies offer much more than just a private label product, as their products are medical-grade, formulated by a dermatologist and work together as a curated line. For more information on all the private label options offered by CosMedical Technologies, view their collections.

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