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After 26 years in the skincare industry working with thousands of businesses, CosMedical Technologies has learned a thing or two about what makes for a lucrative private label brand. Now, we’re passing those secrets on to you. Read on and discover what all of our top-selling partners are doing — and what you can do to become the very best of the best.

Build up eCommerce.

Online shopping is growing fast. Last year, internet sales made up 30% of spending on beauty and personal care items. Carve out your share by promoting your eCommerce website as a way for clients to reorder their favorites and discover new finds.

Keep in contact electronically.

Clients only see you (and your products) when they visit for an appointment. Stay in front of them and create a sales funnel using an email list or regular newsletter featuring important updates, promotions, and events.

Create a social media presence.

Beauty has gone digital. Engage your customers and build your brand’s image by staying consistently active across all available internet platforms.

Take time for consultations.

Your professional guidance is what sets you apart from other skincare brands. By consulting with clients about their unique skin and providing tailored recommendations, you’re offering them a personalized experience they can’t get elsewhere.

Know your products.

Product knowledge sells. Make sure you know the ins and outs of your skincare collection so that you can boost credibility, promote product benefits, offer better solutions, increase sales, and ensure repeat business from satisfied customers.

Update your space.

Your clients come to your business ready to be engaged. Be prepared to capture their interest with a space that works for you, including:

  • Fresh, strategically-placed merchandise displays
  • Easily-accessible product samples
  • Trained, up-to-date staff

Merchandise for your market.

Get to know your clientele and make sure you’re selling products they need and want to buy. Pay attention to changes in demand according to seasons, holidays, and trends.

Offer trustworthy formulas.

Your products, and their results, represent your brand’s image. Make sure you’re only carrying what you can count on — high-quality products made with effective ingredients in smart, functional packaging.

Steer clear of problematic ingredients.

According to 53% of today’s consumers, what’s not in your skincare is just as important as what is. Avoid selling formulas that contain parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, and other irritating or harmful ingredients.