4 Retail Tips for this Holiday Season

For this holiday season, here are 4 retail tips and tricks you need to know to keep sales in the black. Practice these simple tips, and follow them straight to the bank, making every day a black Friday. Good luck!
1. First Impression (Tip from shopify.com)
The reception area is the first space that your prospective customer steps into from the outside world, and is their first experience with what your business has to offer. Make an impact. Coordinate lighting, fixtures, displays, and colors. Shoppers love to be welcomed with a friendly hello as they enter and are happy to be informed of any sales/specials you have.

2. To the Right, to the Right (Tip from shopify.com)

90% of consumers upon entering a store will turn right unconsciously, which means this is your “power wall” that acts as a high-impact first impression vehicle to your merchandise. Give some special attention to this display. Some examples are: new or seasonal items, focus posters, and product tester displays. Always remember to place your design to tell the “product stories.”

3. Know Your Customer and Your Products (Tip from beautylaunchpad.com)

Don’t fall into an automatic pilot mode when your customer needs help in finding the right products. Listen to their needs and help them know the difference between each product and what will be best for them. Educate your entire staff on each product and encourage brainstorming where ideas are welcomed and received without criticism. It’s always nice to reward participation so that your staff feels a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Allow special discounts on products for your staff members so they can try the products out for themselves. It is always easier to sell something you love yourself.

4. Build Trust (Tip from freserickbenjamin.com)

Everyone loves free samples, and if you believe in your product then it’s a win-win for you and your customer. Samples allow the customer to try and learn more about your product, which in turn creates the sale. The average consumer is more likely to purchase a product if they use a free sample. Another great element that helps increase sales are testers. They help build trust and allow customers to feel and smell your best products immediately.
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