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With the wide spread use of free video sites like YouTube, video marketing is now an affordable option available to everyone with a cell phone who can download a free video editing app.

For beauty brands specifically the benefits of video marketing are astounding. As the cost of making videos has decreased, the time people spend viewing online video content has increased. It’s grown 8 fold in the past 5 years over a wide range of demographics; and video is predicted to represent over 55% of total internet traffic in just 2 short years! Plus, content from the “big brands” accounts for only about 3% of YouTube’s 15 billion beauty videos. Instead, the beauty vloggers that populate the first page of search results represent small, independent companies on the cutting edge of the industry that take the time to create and share timely, engaging, and informative video based content on a regular basis.

Getting your skincare products this type of heightened exposure through video marketing really is surprisingly simple. To help you get started, here are a few tips for creating effective marketing videos that can help get your skin care brand noticed affordably.

A Quality Marketing Video Helps and Informs Viewers

Above all, successful marketing videos are helpful and informative. For skin care professionals some ideas for videos include:

  • Demonstrating how a particular procedure, such as Juvederm injections, or the latest chemical peel is performed
  • Preparing a DIY beauty remedy people could make at home and showing viewers how to apply it effectively.
  • Answering a frequently asked beauty question.
  • Client testimonials about your services, products, facility, etc.
  • Product reviews by you and your clients.

Videos Should be Short and to the Point

Some people avoid making marketing videos because they think it will be difficult to create enough content. But, the best marketing videos are short, engaging, and to the point. To help get you there, remember, the video you take doesn’t have to be the video you actually upload and post. Video editors are available for very low to even no cost. In fact, there’s a fairly good one for free right within YouTube so you can upload, edit, then post all in one program. This way, you can give your viewers exactly what they want in an easy to digest format they’ll remember you for.

Encourage Fans to Upload Their Own Videos

You can get excellent exposure for your brand, connect with your customers, as well as get even more video content for your site through contests or challenges that ask users to upload and share their own videos. Give the winner a gift certificate to your website, a free skin care product, or other type of reward for recognition to further encourage sharing. Once you have some solid video content, in addition to your YouTube channel, share your marketing videos on your website, social media channels, you can even use the videos in your email marketing system by inserting an image of your video. The ultimate goal of video marketing is to get as much exposure for your videos as you can; and potential customers are nearly everywhere online. Be sure to reach them by sharing your marketing videos as much as possible.

Did you know?

As a CosMedical Technologies client, you can access the marketing videos we’ve already created, including product testimonials from real users. These videos are available for private labeling to match your unique brand. We currently have 4 videos available and are working on 2 more that will be ready in the coming months. With the promising results we’ve seen, we’re planning for more too. We hope you’ll join us in using the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of video marketing to take your skin care brand to the next level.