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 Celebrating 25 Years

CosMedical Technologies has been a proven leader in the private label skin care industry for over 2 decades, and this month CosMedical turns 25! We could not be more thrilled with the success and reputation this company has built over the years with medical professionals around the world as a trustworthy developer of effective and beneficial skin care products.

Our History

When founder and board-certified dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo, MD, FAAD, started this company in 1993, she could only imagine the what the future would hold. For the last 25 years, she has been focused on researching and developing the latest advancements in white label skin care products. In that time, CosMedical has developed it’s revolutionary line of private label skin care products, including Vita Soothe, Ultra BenefitsTM, and C-Stem, all of which have become hugely popular because of their proven effectiveness and beneficial results.

CosMedical's Mission 

CosMedical has been dedicated to keeping it's clients ahead of the competition by staying on top of the latest trends in skin care and private label cosmetics for both professional and in-home use. Our mission over the last 25 years has always been not only to develop quality effective white label skin care products but also to grow lasting professional relationships with our clients in order to see their businesses flourish through client partnership programs. This innovative custom branded product line of quality and effective skin care has allowed CosMedicals professional clientele the ability to grow their businesses and client base.

As we continue the journey as an innovator of high-quality medical skin care products, CosMedical Technologies pledges to further advance our reputation as a leader and creator in the industry and as well as to continue our efforts in developing state-of-the-art products. If you would like more information on how you can build a loyal following of clients by offering your own brand of quality skin care products and cosmetics, contact CosMedical today. We have dedicated Account Executives ready and waiting to help you get started.