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Product samples are the third most powerful driver to buy full-sized beauty products, according to recent global survey data. As a private label skincare brand, you’ve likely seen this firsthand — they can be an incredibly effective tool in boosting your business.

Why do these freebies have such a strong effect on consumer behavior? As it turns out, there are some powerful psychological forces at work behind this phenomenon.


Reciprocity - When people are on the receiving end of a gift or favor, they instinctively feel indebted.

After accepting a sample, clients are subconsciously prompted to do something in return, like make a purchase.

Memorability - The more times you see something, the more it becomes fixed in your mind. Branded take-home samples keep your name in front of customers after they leave, which makes them more likely to think of you when they’re making a decision.

Familiarity - We naturally prefer the known over the unknown.

When faced with a sea of skincare choices, consumers are most likely to stick with what they know by seeking out products they’ve already tried before.

Cost vs Benefit - People become more open to the unfamiliar when prompted by a need — or presented with an low-risk opportunity.

Samples are a great introduction to convert clients to products they might not otherwise explore and show them how to fulfill skincare needs they didn’t know they had.

Positivity - People who are in a good mood are more likely to view information positively and make faster decisions.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting something for free? It feels great, which translates to more sales.

Engagement - Receiving freebies makes clients feel valued, which helps create a personal connection.

This boosts their sense of engagement and satisfaction with your brand on larger, longer-lasting scale.

Commitment - Humans are wired to prefer consistency.

Once a person feels engaged with your brand, and they’re more likely to stay with you. Building brand loyalty through positive interactions, like gifting product samples, ultimately leads to repeat business.


Allowing clients to try before they buy is a win-win scenario. To reap the full benefits, make sure that the next step is easy as possible for the customer.

Many brands boost conversion by including a business card with the samples, touching base with a follow-up email, or offering a promo code to purchase the full-sized product in-store or online through their eCommerce website. Whatever method you choose, guiding the client back to the point of purchase helps bring the sale full circle, ensuring you receive rewarding returns on your investment.


Contact your Account Executive to add samples to your order.