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Blog — November 2013

Hidden Causes of Acne and 4 Solutions

Leading up to this year's Cosmetic Surgery Forum in Las Vegas, I wanted to offer a few pearls of cosmetic wisdom over the next few weeks. Acne has become a challenge for a growing number of adult patients in my practice. If you are experiencing the same, I hope this article helps both you and your patients. Take a look at the distribution of acne lesions. Is there is relative sparing of the T-zone in terms of where sebaceous glands are concentrated? And are the lesions distributed along the periphery of the face instead, including or even predominantly on the...

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Are you all in? 5 Marketing tactics that won't break the bank

We often hear that it is a difficult challenge for physicians to put on their business hat and actively market to their (potential) client base. And with so much competition out there, even savvy marketers can struggle to grow a medical practice. 5 Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Tactics  When used effectively, online marketing can really help to drive new business to your practice and build a good reputation. Be prepared to spend the time and you will reap the rewards. So how to get started?  First, have a professional web site and Facebook page created that are linked to...

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The #1 Ingredient for Anti-Aging

Submental sparing, where have you gone? Not long ago, when we wanted to see how the sun aged our skin, we only had to look right under our chins. The chin area remained free of the hallmarks of aging: no wrinkles, sagging or age spots.  In fact, the area was firm and young-appearing well into our 60s and beyond. But times, and physical findings, have changed.  In my South Florida practice, submental sparing is a concept of the past.  The best ‘anatomic oasis’ of aging skin is now the buttocks - the area that has been exposed the least to...

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