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Medical Grade Skin Care for Professionals
Private Label, Medical Grade Skin Care

For over 20 years, CosMedical has been perfecting the art of creating skin care products for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and skin professionals to provide for their clients. Our medical grade product line is designed by a dermatologist and has a range of product types that can suit the skincare needs of any of your patients.

Professional Skin Care Lines For Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Estheticians

CosMedical provides the necessary product support to help you understand each product and its use. Through one-on-one education and easy to follow webinars, we want to encourage skin professionals to learn how to start a skincare business in their office and provide their patients with the best skincare products available. Our professionally trained staff has in-depth knowledge of all products and can answer questions based on your practice’s needs to help you create the perfect product line to carry in your office. You know your patients’ needs best and we are happy to teach you about the products we have developed that can help even your most troubled patients.

Medical Grade Skin Care Products

Our products are all formulated for medical grade use and can achieve the desired results for your customers, whether they are in need of products for everyday hygienic use or are treating skin conditions like rosacea or acne. We have products ranging from take-home moisturizers and cleansers to chemical peels you can use in your office during regular medical facial treatments. All of our products are tested through clinical trials and we provide case studies and customer testimonials for your reference to exemplify successes for clients. Our product-use ranges from fighting signs of aging to teenage prone skin problems like acne issues, we have everything you need to start selling skin care products to patients and get them the results they want.

CosMedical Skin Care

We have plenty of popular products to choose from. One of our favorite formulas is the Ultra Benefits® firming and brightening moisturizer. This product is a unique double action formula that protects against the aging effects caused by free radicals while firming skin to reduce wrinkles. It contains the highest strength antioxidant on the market which allows it to improve signs of aging and reduce skin redness and imperfections while it moisturizes and brightens skin. Peptides used in the formula strengthen the collagen in a patient’s skin and smooth out finer lines on the face and around the eyes, taking years off of a person’s appearance.

Our Vita Soothe serum is another top formula among our clients. This daily formula smooths and plumps while revitalizing one’s complexion. This formula is perfect for patients with dry and red skin, using Vitamin E and F to soothe and soften rough complexions and heal skin that’s been dried by acne breakouts. By using this product in tandem with one of our many moisturizers, patients can build a daily skin care ritual that rejuvenates their skin and gives them that healthy glow they want to see in the mirror.

For patients looking for a medically formulated sunscreen with ingredients that protect against UV rays while keeping the skin moist even on the hottest days, we can recommend stocking our Replenishing Sunscreen. While sunscreen should be used year-round, the spring and summer months are the best time to promote skin safety through providing a dermatologist-approved sunscreen for clients. This sunscreen protects your patients against UVA and UVB rays and can even be used as a primer for makeup. This formula is gentle and can be used by clients with sensitive skin. For aging clients, this peptide-infused formula reduces the presence of wrinkles and soothes drier skin with aloe vera.

How to Start a Skincare Business

Selling skin care products with medical-grade formulas formulated by a board-certified dermatologist can be beneficial to you and your patients. While you create an extra revenue stream and secure lifelong clients, your patients get access to high-grade skin care products that get them long lasting results and protect their skin from damage. CosMedical Technologies has been teaching dermatologists and skin professionals how to start a skincare business and providing the expertly formulated, high-quality product lines for them to sell for over two decades. As a leader in the field of private label skin care, we can give you the best product line for your customers and support you throughout your career as a skin care product retailer with on-going customer support and educational material to keep you and your customers informed about our products.

Contact CosMedical to get a professional consultation on how to start a skincare business and what products might suit your client base. With our products, your clients will get the results they want while maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Call 800-275-3627 to talk with one of our experts and develop your brand new skin care product line today.