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CosMedical Technologies: How to Start a Skincare Line

Posted by CosMedical Technologies on 6/2/2017 to Marketing

As a skin care professional, carrying high-quality medical grade products for your clients is the ideal way to create an extra revenue stream while ensuring that your clients are getting skincare products you have personally selected. Creating your own skincare line using private label formulas you trust presents an opportunity for you and your practice to create a ‘one-stop shop’ for your clients’ health needs. Selling skin care products is an effective and easy way to broaden your business and CosMedical Technologies can help you get started.

Private Label, Medical Grade Skin Care for Professionals

Posted by CosMedical Technologies on 5/24/2017 to Marketing

For over 20 years, CosMedical has been perfecting the art of creating skin care products for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and skin professionals to provide for their clients. Our medical grade product line is designed by a dermatologist and has a range of product types that can suit the skincare needs of any of your patients.

The Benefits of Medical Facials

Posted by CosMedical Technologies on 4/28/2017 to Marketing

Facials aren’t just a spa treat for those in need of a relaxation day. Dermatological patients are coming to understand the benefits of making facials a regular part of their on-going skin care treatments. The current climate of beauty blogs and videos is bringing the importance of skincare to the attention of a bigger audience of people than ever before. By working alongside a medical professional, patients can get a facial specialized to their specific skincare needs while avoiding products that might agitate skin sensitivities or allergies. It is important for your patients to know the advantages that come from scheduling regular medical facials through you.

Healthy Skin Care Routine

Posted by CosMedical Technologies on 4/20/2017 to Cosmeceuticals

Having great skin takes work. Even the stars of Hollywood need to adhere to a daily routine of washing and moisturizing to keep skin radiant. It’s not just a matter of a little soap and water, either. A good beauty routine incorporates products that fit your skin type and cover the four basic fundamentals of skin care. A good routine has a morning ritual and a night ritual that tend to the on-going needs of your skin type. It might sound like a lot, but a healthy skin care routine will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. A great daily and nightly skin care regimen will help you to avoid imperfections and get you closer to the clear and clean skin you’ll love to live in.

Does Sunscreen Cause Skin Cancer?

Posted by CosMedical Technologies on 3/27/2017 to Marketing

Skin cancer: It’s the biggest fear of summer beachgoers. More than sharks in the water or jellyfish on the beach, cancer has become a growing concern that’s keeping more people from enjoying the summer sun every year. It’s a fear that’s fair to have with worries about the amount of UV exposure growing every year and the lifetime risk of contracting melanoma. In a sunny state like Florida, where the beach is the place to be, people want to know that they’ll be safe when they enjoy their time outside in the fresh air.

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 CosMedical Technologies: How to Start a Skincare Line
 Private Label, Medical Grade Skin Care for Professionals
 The Benefits of Medical Facials

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